Sunday, 2 July 2017

West REVERSED Original Idea of Democracy; created Inequality, brought back Slavery, ruined World in 200 short years!

Western Democracy created Inequality in Society; creating A New Middle Class to stand Guard between The People and The Worldly Kings.

Where there exists A Middle Class, there surely is An Upper Class and A Lower Class; and that is the FAILURE OF WESTERN DEMOCRACY.

The West Reversed the Original Idea of Democracy; and moved away from the Idea of EMPOWERMENT of Human Beings in Original Idea to DISEMPOWERMENT of The Individual by External Control via Regulations and Centralized Government; and Forced Slavery; slavery rebranded as employment.

The Original Idea of Democracy is from Divine Thought of The Prophets; and not of The West or any man.

The Original Idea of The Prophet Muhammad is founded and established in his own home, the Castle in The Wild founded for his Household, my own ancestral family home Waluganduvaru established in Male’ Maldives; Paradise on Earth.

The Original Idea is based on The Divine Truth that all human beings are born free and equal and no one is given the power to subjugate another, control or exploit in any form whatsoever. From this Divine Truth follows the Idea of Self Government; the EMPOWERMENT OF INDIVIDUALS BY INNER SELF DEVELOPMENT, INNER GROWTH TO HIGHER LIFE.

The Original Idea is Self Empowerment; being Self Fulfilling; Content and Conscientious.
Western Idea of Democracy is  DISEMPOWERMENT of The People; taking away the Natural Freedom of the Individual, bringing all human beings under Central Control and external Regulations. In effect; the West has created Zoos for human beings; the highly regulated Europe with its’ Artificial Peace.

The Peace is on the streets; the Hearts of People are Full of Fear, helpless to control own Terror.
It is is CIVILIZING the Population, EMPOWERING the Individual in SELF GOVERNMENT and CONTROL OF OWN SELF that real development and human advancement is possible.  
Muhammad taught the Highest Principles; The Way of Conscientious Life by Good Conduct and Good Character; Self Control and Good Spirit as A Way of Life. The Practice of Islam in Daily Life as found in the Islamic State of Heavenly Bliss, Paradise Maldives, before the World came Stealing Paradise.

All who stole Divine Knowledge and Reversed Truth are in TERROR of The True Prophet of Muhammad’s Original Household; Mahdi Aisha Velezinee Muhammad.
The Terror of World Leaders and he Global Media they control is PROVEN by The Silence; Non-Recognition of the Revelation of the True Mahdi on 21.03.2017 and continuation of Global War of Terror.

Britain hastened to blow up more of own people to create more Media Reports of A Phantom Islamic State led by A Phantom Mahdi promoted globally by the World Powers and World Media
The TRUTH is HIDDEN. There are no Satanic Verses! 

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