Monday, 17 July 2017

Fool of Paradise Kerafa Naseem and Devil of EU Bernard Savage. Partners in STEALING PARADISE


Fool of Paradise Kerafa Naseem craves Power and Status of Royalty; but do not have the Good Conduct, Good Character or Strength to BE ROYAL and find Power IN HIMSELF by INNER SELF GROWTH.

For Kerafa Naseem, the EASY PATH as he thought was to PARTNER WITH EUROPE WHO HAD INTEREST IN DESTRUCTION AND ELIMINATION OF WALUGANDUVARU - The Source of Original Idea of Democracy in The Islamic State of Heavenly Bliss; Tropical Paradise; Islamic Utopia, founded and established in Male' Island; Paradise Maldives, way back in Time by The Prophet Muhammad.

 For Kerafa Naseem and Partners in Evil, the Way for them to Rise to Power and claim Royalty was destruction of TRUE Royalty, destruction and elimination of DIVINE KINGS AND QUEENS OF WALUGANDUVARU for the Illegal Takeover of Power  by Money,Trickery, Forgery and Bribery.

Kearafa Naseem is the Lowest of the Low, and there is nothing that can change his Destiny.

It is the Law of The Universe that WHO YOU ARE, the Character (The Animal) in You is decided by YOUR BLOOD and YOUR WAY OF LIFE LEARNT and LIVED; and there is NOTHING that can change the INNER CHARACTER except Own Conscience, Self Realization, and INNER GROWTH to Higher Life.

Kerafa Naseem is Born and Bred of Traders - the Captains who sailed to and from The Heavenly Maldives to The World as Traders - and with contact with Foreign Powers organised A Revolt Against Waluganduvaru - My Family Ancestral Castle in the early 20th Century. The Attack one of multiple attacks and invasions on Waluganduvaru over the Centuries.

Kerafa Naseem fancies himself Royal having gone to Royal College in Colombo; but there is nothing Royal in him; and he has remained The Thug his father was, Greedy for Power, undisciplined, No Good Character in him; willing to do anything to build his Power and Wealth.  Trickery , Forgery and Bribery is a Way of Life for him and there is no hesitation in him to exploit anyone and everyone he can in his attempts to Win Power.

Denmark and France are his Friends; the Maldives HIS RESOURCE to Build his Wealth and Empire; the Maldivian People his SLAVES to exploit freely in his Dirty Games for Power.

The Greedy are Needy and the needy do not have the Intelligence or Courage to face Own Truth; repent and correct themselves; Rise in INNER SELF to Higher Life.

To Kerafa Naseem, higher life is his "High Connections" and from 2012 the ROLE of Kerafa Naseem was to CONTROL Velezinee and DETER Velezinee from TRUTH by using every means possible to convince Velezinee that Velezinee is Nobody, #Article285 destruction and STEALING COURTS AND JUSTICE FROM THE PEOPLE OF MALDIVES is No Worry, and Nasheed is THE CHAMP.


It began in 2012, Kerafa Naseem insisting Velezinee MUST COME TO COLOMBO on an MDP Delegation to talk Nasheed Arrest.

In a clearly FIXED meeting at the EU Delegation Office in Colombo; a meeting organised by Omar Razzak the FRIEND OF DIPLOMATS; I, Velezinee, sat burning inside listening to Bernard Savage, another Royal Recruit who YELLED AT THE MALDIVES DELEGATION AS IF THEY WERE JUVENILE DELINQUENTS SUMMONED TO THE HEADMASTER!

Bernard Savage had A Line;
"There Are No Angels in Paradise..."

How can Savage know or recognise Angel? Savage is Savage; and the uncivilised has no capacity, no Natural Intelligence in them, to recognize An Angel.

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