Sunday, 23 July 2017


The Artificial Netherlands Democracy 

The Netherlands claim to be a 200-Year Old Democracy, but there is No Democracy and is An Illusion, an Artificial Creation maintained by FORCE.

Regulated and Orderly

The Dutch are REGULATED by Regulations - The Dutch Way being Own Self-Created ORDERS veiled as RULES.

There is NO RULE in The Dutch, No Rules of Conduct taught to them, no Civilization of The Dutch People. 

The Orderly in The Dutch is by Every BODY following the ORDERS presented as "The Dutch Rules".

There are NO PRINCIPLES and VALUES taught to The Dutch People, and to The Dutch Mind it is "The Dutch Way" that is The Way.

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Queen Do Not Take ORDERS. Queen Respects All-Time RULES OF CONDUCT

I , Queen Aisha Velezinee Muhammad of the Highest Principles and Values, and Respect to The People, and used to living in A Community are unable to fit in as The Dutch Rules are senseless, meaningless ORDERS created by those in Authority for EFFECTIVE CONTROL OF THE PEOPLE.

The Dutch Are Unfit to Live in World Society

The Dutch, are not brought up taught The Way of Life as Principled Human Beings; and there is no human being in The People! 

There CANNOT BE HUMAN where The Heart is Unknown! 

The Dutch are totally BODY and BRAIN, The Animal SAVED to be Workers, SLAVES OF THE ORANJE FAMILY FOR LIFE having eliminated THE HUMAN in The Body.

The Body is given SEXUAL FREEDOM, in fact put in the SEX TRAP and made SLAVE TO SEX for Life. 

The Dutch Live and Die never Rising Above PUBERTY with the Dutch Idea of Sexual Freedom ingrained in The Dutch Mind that is Full of Opinion! 

The Dutch Mind is Above All, the Dutch People PROGRAMMED and MIND-LOCKED, no capacity to hear anything outside their MIND! 

The Dutch know No Other Way of Life and are not only content but PROUD of their FREEDOM TO HAVE SEX and their ORDERLINESS based on ORDERS! 

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