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One is not Born the Prophet; but Grows Up to The Prophet. Velezinee Grew Up n Got Raised to Divine Position, The Mahdi.

One is not Born the Prophet; but Grows Up to The Prophet

I, Aishath Velezinee - Queen Aisha Velezinee Muhammad of Wauganduvaru, Grew Up n Got Raised to Divine Position, The Mahdi. 

All human beings are born of God – the God being the Life Force, The Soul, The Life Energy.
The Life in you – life in your Body –  is by The Creator or The Heavens.

The Heavens are the Stars above, and Your Life Path is decided in The Stars or Astrological Chart at your Birth. The Life Path on Earth given to your Soul; your personal Life Map in YOUR HEART, the Home of the Soul, the Life given to You by The Stars above.

The Stars above, the Heavens, the Universal Energy Force.

All Life are Created; and all Life are Creators; all connected by Universal Energy – One Force of Energy. For example; the mango tree is Life, created by God, and the mango trees grow and give mangoes, fulfilling the Life Path given to the Mango Tree. Similarly, the Monkey lives the Monkey, the Cat lives the Life of the Cat, and all Life on Earth have Purpose.

The human beings, the most intelligent of all Life on Earth, however, have LOST touch with Life by the 21st century. Happiness has become an external search, human beings looking for The Purpose of their own lives, all trying to find A Good Life – through external means.

The own  Life Map, the Soul Search is the Dream, in those with deep yearnings in them. The Wish List. Life on Earth has become the Well-Being of the Body and Mind – the Heart, the Natural Intelligence unknown to Science.

In the New Age Searchers there is the concept of The Mind, Body and SPIRIT, but little KNOWLEDGE of The Spirit.

Even the Church has not found The Spirit! The Church, believing Christians, asking the fundamental questions: Is Life Created? In the World there is Debate and Argument raising question: Is there God?

These are questions that are Answered in The Divine Books; this knowledge in the Divine Books CENSORED OUT, CONFISCATED FROM THE PEOPLE BY WORLD POWERS, the People told A LIE confiscated are The Satanic Verses.

At this time 21st century the so called Satanic Verses is on the End of The World and the Rise of The Mahdi – THE SPIRIT RISING FOR JUSTICE AND PEACE AT END OF TIME TO BRING AN END TO THE TERROR AND SUFFERING OF THE PEOPLE.

Foretold in the HIDDEN PROPHECY by The Prophet Muhammad is he GLOBAL SHIFT from World of Terror to Peace of Paradise. 1000 YEARS OF UNBROKEN GLOBAL PEACE, with the Coming of the True Age of Enlightenment; shift to The Heavenly Way of Life, No more conflict.  This is A Prophecy common to All Religions and Believers but the TRUE DIVINE VERSES and THE DIVINE KNOWLEDGE IS HIDDEN FROM THE PEOPLE.

The so-called Satanic Verses is not in Public Domain even in the 21st century, confiscated way back in history; AFTER THE PROPHETS LEFT THE WORLD in World Politics and Wars for Power. Yet, THE SIGNS IN THE PROPHECY are highly reported in World Media showing Global Terror Attacks seen by Global Population via Global TV.

The Divine Answers to the Fundamental Questions of Life – The Books on Natural Path to Enlightenment and Happiness through Self Fulfillment and self Realization are the Knowledge CONFISCATED BY THE WORLD POWERS.

This is THEFT OF THE HIGHEST ORDER, Stealing ENLIGHTENMENT and HAPPINESS from the Global Human Population, keeping the entire human population trapped in Mind and Body – Save a few Free Thinkers in the World who live and remain outside the Power and Conflcts of World. The World is taken by The Brainy.

THE BOOKS OF ENLIGHTENMENT of The Prophets are Divine and Speak to entire Humanity, The Way to Self Empowerment and Freedom by Self Government, FREEDOM TO LIVE OWN LIFE A BASIC RIGHT. Freedom to Live Own Life is an Inalienable NATURAL RIGHT, all human beings BORN WITH PURPOSE TO EARTH, their Life Path GIVEN AT BIRTH in their Own Life Map in their HEART, Soul Yearning. The Path in The Stars they are born.

The Prophets or The Messengers of God are human beings BORN with Life Path or Destiny of The Prophet, and walk the Earth in Times of Need. The Prophet is BORN with Inner Growth and The Awakenings, Self Realizations and the Rise to The Prophet – Breaking through to God Consciousness.

Divine Kings taught the People and spoke for the People. The Divine Kings being Moses, Jesus and Muhammad known, the Prophets born in The Lands of Arabia. Buddha is A Prophet like them and there are many others, The Divine Kings and Prophets of  various Ancient Civilizations.
DIVINE is Heavenly – and Divine Kings rule the Way of the Wise, No Conflict.

The opposite is WORLD and WORLDY, the Rule by Force; Peace and Conflict; Wars for Peace.  
The Prophets are Humans of Wisdom, LIFTED TO THE DIVINE POSITION with the INNER SELF GROWTH to the Awakening of The Highest Conscience and by it realizing the Highest Natural Intelligence.

All Human Beings have possibility to Enlightenment and Eternal Bliss, given the FREEDOM to live own life given in Life Path; that Freedom not possible in The World 21st century leading to destruction of the global human population.

The Answers are HIDDEN from The People. THE BOOKS OF ENLIGHTENMENT are Public Property, Commonwealth of Entire Humanity and to STEAL AND HIDE IS CRIME AGAINST HUMANTY. To falsely label Satanic Verses is MALICIOUS INTENT, and 1300 Years Later it is exposed, the World Powers
  • 2. Distorted Divine Books;
  • 3.       Plotted a Grand Takeover of Whole Earth forever more by DEMONIZING AND KILLING THE PROPHECY IN GLOBAL TERROR ATTACK; while
  • 4.       ELIMINATING THE PROPHET DESTINED – Poor Me, Aisha Velezinee Muhammad, Waluganduvaru, Male’ Maldives.

Gayoom knew, identified and watched, played and exploited Velezinee. I know Gayoom’s games, but I never knew, no one ever told me I, Velezinee, was going to Grow Up and be The Mahdi, The Prophet.

My Rising happened by Conscientious Duty in Life, Naturally. My Final Journey and Awakening with #Jihad or Self Sacrifice to Save the People of My Home State, Maldives, from the Satanic Forces taken over in Transition trapping the People in a Courtless, Lawless, Satanic Terror State. At this time Paradise on Earth, My Home State Maldives, is under the EFFECTIVE CONTROL of The Most Ruthless amongst the Local People, Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

With My Public Announcement on 21.03.2017, the Revelation I Am The True Mahdi foretold, Hidden Queen Aisha Velezinee Muhammad of Waluganduvaru, The Prophet Muhammad’s Original Castle in Paradise Maldives;

Yameen Abdul Gayoom who sits President having taken over illegally has issued A Fatwa declaring “Velezinee is Satan” – and with it State led Terror Against the People in The Maldives, Sheikhs giving Satanic Speeches creating Terror and Hate against “Satan Velezinee”.

No World Power has heard any of this news. No International Media has reported though Velezinee is often interviewed and quoted.

In May 2016 Al Jazeera made a special trip to The Hague from London to interview for the Investigative Report, the Documentary titled Stealing Paradise aired in June 2016 by Al Jazeera and widely discussed in the Maldives Local Media and in public forums held in London. .

There is no news of Will Jordan when Velezinee rose to The Prophet and busted the Big Picture – It is Truly Stealing Paradise. Not just the Maldives, but from the entire global population. World Powers had plotted Stealing Paradise off the Divine Prophecies, calculating Books and going to War. Velezinee was eliminated, kept A Nobody by Gayoom and Assassinated with Article 285 by Nasheed.. and then came the Twist in the Tale.

Poor Velezinee is TRAPPED in The Hague, no funds to live, no access to funds, no Right to any Means of Life to remain in residence in the Safety of the City of The Hague; no way to return home to the Maldives safely Satan Yameen and the Satanic Sheikhs out to Murder;

All the Powers together, Local and Global, are trying to eliminate TRUE HIDDEN QUUEN MAHDI AISHA without acknowledgement and the establishment of Truth by UNVEILING THE HIDDEN, the Satanic Verses.

With TRUTH flying out, everybody go to Heaven! Global Shift, 1000 Years Peace, Happiness all over Earth - Naturally.

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