Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Slaughtering Human Beings STILL in the 21st Century! Satanic Saudi Arabia INSULTS The Prophet Muhammad.

Slaughtering Human Beings STILL in the 21st Century!
Satanic Saudi Arabia INSULTS The Prophet Muhammad.

Islam asks Submission to Allah; accepting that there is Allah, God. Allah will take care of All and NO MAN NEED OR IS PERMITTED TO JUDGE AND MURDER THE OTHER FOR ALLAH OR ANY OTHER.

Allah Judges.
Allah Gives Life.
Allah Takes Life.
Allah is God by All Names – The Universal Life Force; The Powers Above; The Heavens.
Allah/God is The Energy of the Universe that keeps the Universe in Order is directed connected to the Life Energy – The Soul – in the Individual, the human being.
Islam is about INNER LIFE, the Way of Divine Kings. Living Conscious, being Mindful, not judging but understanding the other as well as one self.

It is Satanic Distortion of Islam to OUTWARD PRACTICE by Saudi Arabia spread round the Gole as THE ISLAM, powered and helped by Britain and Friends (UN and The Commonwealth); and The Global Media;  that has created A Global Terror of Islam and Islamic State.
The Global Army of Satanic Islam invaded The Maldives after 2005. The Sheikhs are an Abomination, prohibited in Quran, and are created along British Model of Church by Saudi Funds.
Saudi Teachings are a deliberate REVERSAL of The Book of Muhammad, attempting to take All Believers of Islam BACK to the Darkness of Mecca Muhammad left. Muhammad migrated out of. Saudi Arabia the Land of Darkness.
Saudi Arabia is an INSULT to the Prophet Muhammad, the Satanic State shamelessly and openly slaughtering human beings like Cattle still in the 21st century; no Reason in them! 
In The Maldives, Paradise on Earth, is the TRUE Islamic State of Heavenly Bliss, founded and established by The Prophet Muhammad, the Divine King and Greatest Thinker of All Times.
Divine Kings do not leave Inheritors. The Thinker sowed the Seeds, Grounded INTO his Family and Household THE WAY OF LIFE, The Highest Principles, A Life in Good Conscience as THE WAY to Enlightenment.
The Knowledge of The Prophet Muhammad left to The People are STOLEN, CONFISCATED BY WORLD POWERS; just like the Divine Knowledge in Divine Books left by Prophets Moses and Jesus before ARE STOLEN, the Books Distorted.

HIDDEN FROM PUBLIC, and held by World Powers and ABUSED are The Verses on Prophets, Prophecy and Paradise for All at end of 20th century, turn of 21st century, and The Books on Enlightenment; The Books of Paradise. 

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