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Under Attack 1986 to date. Life of Velezinee and Agents of Satan Gayoom and Nasheed

In May 1986 Velezinee, aged 18 years, the Daughter of Mohamed Zahir who is the Son of Waluganduvaru Ismail Didi joined the Government of Maldives dreaming of becoming A Writer.
Velezinee was A Character like No Other, Duty-Bound, the Queen of Principles and Human Rights and Trouble for Gayoom as Velezinee do not commit crimes, or accept privileges like awards and rewards and Presidential Offers and Velezinee do not care about Punishment for Non-Submission to Gayoom living with it and continuing to work in Government. Velezinee worked in Government May 1986 to July 2005 no record of any crime or misconduct.

From 1986 to 1989 Gayoom could not CATCH Velezinee; or take into CONTROL creating A CRIME BY VELEZINEE to hold Velezinee hostage to and SPIN AT WILL. This is The Way of Government in Satanic Terror State of Maldives
In life in Maldives, Velezinee has on record:
1.       A Fine of MVR5.00 (Five Rufiyaa)  in 1989 by Order of President’s Office for spelling the name Gayoom with Q, Qayoom in Maldives News Bulletin while working in Department of Information and Broadcasting.
2.       An Arrest by Gayoom in November 1990; kept under house-arrest, Public Notice announcing “Velezinee the Political Prisoner on Gate” isolating Whole Family; no entry to Family Home, the house itself under arrest! After 45 days of daily interrogation taken to Police Headquarters for Questing, Velezinee was released. No Crime was identified at time or ever.
After the release, Velezinee returned back to Work in Government of Maldives. The existing Rule of Dismissal from Government for Arrest longer than 15 days was not applied to Velezinee by Gayoom.
·         On Day of Arrest Gayoom made A Special Offer by Special Envoy to “hush up the affair, make no issue” advising to Write An Apology to President to seek Pardon.
·         Velezinee could not write an apology not knowing crime; Government not identifying crime. Velezinee of Waluganduvaru is Stubborn.
·         On Day of Release, after 45 days of Interrogation, Gayoom sent Presidential Advice by Special Envoy to “change the name Velezinee to make Daughter of Zahir a Good Muslim; a Good Girl”.
·         Velezinee sent Answer through Special Envoy;
Aisha is My Name, the Best of All Names in Islam. Velezinee is My Identity, the Name I have carried all My Life, I do not want to change or give up My Identity.
As of 1990, Velezinee is Nobody, a Prisoner of Gayoom May 1986 to July 2005.
From July 2005, when Velezinee resigned, Velezinee became Threat. State response was to make Velezinee Public Property, given for Public Lynching with Political Leaders rousing Public Against Velezinee; and leading Character Assassination of Velezinee. It has been continuous Silent War to destroy Velezinee; the Politicians doing anything and everything to falsely label, assassinate character, creating situations to undermine Velezinee).
Velezinee is A SUBJECT much reported in Media from 2005, all sorts of Sensational Stories on A Nobody!
The Meaningful and Substantive Issue carried by Velezinee are not reported; HIDDEN BY STATE FIXERS IN WAR AGAINST PARADISE joined in Crime.
The issue and Threat is Velezinee is Independent, Walk the Talk, and is Queen of Principles – no compromise on Principles and Ready and Willing to Speak Up for ALL, no matter who. Velezinee is Mad and carry No Fear of The Political Leaders (Local Mafia) or The Political Sheikh Army.
The Public are kept ignorant of True Article 285 Crisis Velezinee speaks with The World jumping in to Save Nasheed and Talk Politics; multiple International Consultants hired to study the Smoke Rising of The Courts of Maldives while keeping strictly Secret the Courts are torched in an Arson Attack in Transition!
There is no way to Save Courts or Access Justice when Courts are taken illegally in A Silent Coup by Local Mafia, the Political Leaders. War Crimes Against A Population is NOT A MATTER for Diplomatic Intervention and HIDING in Secret Talks and Secret Deals Amongst the Court Thieves accused.
In the complex situation where The Local Political Idols are The Enemies of The Local People, the Truth is too Bitter for The People to Swallow.
The Public has swayed with the Political Leaders; World Leaders and Media giving Power to Politics, protecting Political Leaders they Promote.  
The Public – The People of Maldives - KNOW Velezinee is Correct; and Velezinee speaks The Truth, No Fear of Any One and No Favour to Any One. This is Threat to Local Mafia who controls and manipulates ALL ACTORS IN MALDIVES by Proxy; all kept on Strings or tricked as Helpers and exploited in Crimes Against Own Selves; the Public.
·         I came to The Netherlands with Answers to the 21st century Questions in Academia; my Data from daily engagement with The Democratic Transition Affairs of My Home State, the Republic of Maldives from date of my return home from The Hague in January 2005.
·         The ANSWERS are NOT WANTED.
·         In 2016, ISS awarded 4 Scholarships to Study Complex Wars (Study of Wars from outside; Propaganda demonizing Islam the FACTS known); AND threw out Velezinee and Article 285 Silent Coup with false labelling; and
·         After the 9/11 Attack on Velezinee and Hidden Queen Rising challenging Rector on 14.11.2016; has continued attempts to undermine and evict Velezinee from The Hague

The World is complicit in The HIDING OF THE TRUE PROPHECY; labelling it Satanic Verses, and abusing in Global Terror Attacks to manipulate Global Population against Islam and Islamic State, having demonized by creating theatrical terror attacks broadcast all over World as Attacks by Terrorists of Islam!

World lost Reason to Terror and Emotion. 

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