Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Law School do not breed Integrity or Build Character; Law Education is Weapon to Lowlife Profiteers

Leaning the Law in Law School is a Career Choice; and Law School cannot create in Scholars the Morality, the Good Conduct and Good Character necessary in the USE of The Law.
The Law learnt Naturally from Early Childhood Life and Learning, the GROUNDING in The Principles of Higher Life; the Rules of Good Conduct and Good Manners; Good Character and Good Spirit at All Times and Situation BRED IN As A Child and GROWN INTO IN LIFE carry Integrity and Strength of Character that cannot be found via Adult Training or Artificial Input in Law School.
Law and Order must be IN Human Beings  for Societal Law and Order; Freedom of All and Peace without Fear of Primitive Attacks roused by uncontrolled Animal Instinct. Fear is OF THE MIND and susceptible are those without Intelligence and Wisdom to hold Reason in Shock Situations. The World Leaders’, the Law Enforcers and Kings and Queens must NOT Fall Fool to Terror Attacks, go into Fear-Led Action.
War for Peace is An Anomaly; the 20th century is PROOF. No Peace has come of Any War, nor has there been A Day without War in all of 20th Centuy and into the 21st Century. The suffering of human populations all over Earth in the 21st century is like no other Time in Human History; the World divided Artificially.
The Truth is there is NO LAW and ORDER in The World today; Human Evolution REVERSED in the past 200 Years in deliberate and tactical historical plot to ELIMINATE NATURAL INTELLIGENCE and take control of Earth and Resources, holding entire global population in Slavery for ever more.

Human Civilizations existed for centuries; all destroyed in the Western Supremacy of 20th Century. False Supremacy REVERSING DIVINE TRUTH instead of attempting to RISE TO HIGHER LIFE BY HUMAN EVOLUTION FORWARD. 

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