Sunday, 2 July 2017

UN Talks Peace; Fears Global Peace and an End to UN led Western Supremacy

From 10.08.2010 it has been The World out to ELIMINATE Velezinee and Article 285 chapter off the Transition History of Maldives; HELPING the COVER-UP of the Illegal Takeover.

Whenever Velezinee raise Question on Article 285 destruction and Illegality of Courts; the World activates to Reform Judiciary and there has been an Army of International Experts hired to stand above The Constitution of Maldives; and Rise Above the One and Only Individual who stood up to Fight the Illegal Take-over and EXPOSED THE SILENT COUP TO THE PEOPLE OF MALDIVES.

The PhD at International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University was the Final Trap; Professor Dr. Karin Arts assigned to Control and Break Velezinee.

Professor Dr. Karin Arts did her best adopting Torture as Form of Control and got defeated just like all others who have tried fooling Velezinee by Trickery and Forgery.

The Culture that has created Global Terror is NOT Islam, but the Culture of Dishonesty in The West.

Western Europe is born of Conquerers and that is A Mentality that cannot accept Equality of the Other. Conquerers need Victory over Another; and the West is unable to accept there is no space for Western Supremacy and Domination of Earth in the 21st century.

The UN talks; but is afraid to act to establish Global Peace; Freedom and Equality of All Peoples Everywhere; No Fear of Other.

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