Monday, 24 July 2017

Get Ready People! Queen of Paradise Aisha got The Oranjes. Queen Will Serve Free Oranje Juice for The Global Population

HO HO HO Part-Time King! 


When You Got Lemon, Make Lemonade. 
When You Got Oranje, Make Oranjeade! 

Masha'Allah Queen of Paradise got The Entire Oranjes Farn! 

Queen of Paradise Aisha Velezinee Muhammad is A Good Girl, and always do The Best possible.
Now that Queen Aisha got The Oranjes, Queen will do as Adviced; 

People! Get Ready to Quench Your Thirst.

Queen of Paradise Mahdi Aisha Velezinee Muhammad got The Oranjes and will make Oranjeade. FREE Oranjeade for The Global Population. 

NO TRICK or TREAT for Heavenly Queen of Paradise Aisha Velezinee Muhammad, The Wildest Wild ever grown THE PROPHET, Ruler of the TRUE AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT, WHOLE EARTH MY PARADISE FOREVER MORE! 

Full Time Queen, Lifetime Practice do not fool around with Oranjes and Apples! 

The Foolish Part-Time King, Part-Time Fixer cannot Fly To My Paradise on Fokker Wings! No use retraining on Jumbos either! Learn to Fly, Grow Own Wings. 

Queen Aisha is in The Territory taken by The Orange Farm called The Netherlands and will give FREE LESSONS to The Oranje Farmer holding 17 million Human Beings hostage as Human RESOURCE, teach him to Pick his Own Oranjes and to Grow Own Wings. ALL FREE LESSONS! Heavenly Queen do not charge for FLYING LESSONS. 

The Queen do not take kindly to FIXERS! No Fixing The Queen. The Part-Time King must FIX himself now.

Queen had enough of "The Dutch Rules" and Mockery of Democracy! 

The Oranjes are Grown by Slave Trade and 21st Century is still in Slave Trade having FIXED own People putting them all under MIND LOCK and THE SEX TRAP creating Illusions of Superiority and Freedom, while changing NOTHING since The Dark Ages! 

Poor Dutch has NO IDEA WHAT IS DEMOCRACY OR EQUALITY OR EVEN DECENCY. The Wicked Oranje Farmers PLAYING PART-TIME KING has programmed The People BY REGULATIONS and ORDERS for the Very Well Regulated and Orderly Netherlands. 

People are NOT taught orderly, all trained by A Manual - The Dutch Way - easily cracked and out of control, totally LOST without The Order!

Queen Aisha is SHOWN MUCH. 

There are No RULES in The Dutch Rules, all Orders 

THE EMPIRE-BUILDER REBRANDED SLAVERY, AND DECLARED IT COMPULSORY UPON ALL TO SLAVE TILL AGE 67 years. And thereafter THE ELDERS are thrown out to The Old People's Homes - The PRODUCTIVE AGE over, not good enough as Worker in the Slave Market. 


The Slave Driver has captured 17 million Human Beings as Human RESOURCE,. 

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