Saturday, 1 July 2017

By Reversing Original Truth; Western Science has Reversed Human Evolution back to Age of Darkness

World Powers Stole the Knowledge on Enlightenment and Freedom in All Divine Books

The West in Grand Crime Againsts Humanity; Reversal of Truth to Stunt Growth Block Human Evolution.
Human beings are of Mind, Body and Spirit – The Spirit being The Conscience in The Individual, The Natural Intelligence of The Heart.
Western Science has deleted The Spirit, no knowledge of The Heart as Intelligence Above The Mind; no knowledge of The Spirit, and no knowledge of Conscience as being Intelligence of The Heart and NOT of The Brain.
The ignorance of The Spirit is due to no other Reason except that the Knowledge is STOLEN and HIDDEN, confiscated from The Public and appropriated by The World Powers; kept for restricted use for Power and Control of The World. The Satanic Verses is the Last of The Prophecies stolen and abused for Power in War Against Divine Kings and Divine Powers – The Prophets who walked Earth, left Knowledge FREE for The People.
The West got The Knowledge of Prophets and instead of moving forward REVERSED TRUTH. Darwin’s Monkey Theory a Reversal of Truth, talking of Monkeys where the Divine Books speak of the Primary Character in Human Being – The Ape!
All Human Beings, even in the 21st century are Born a Monkey; an Ape. The child apes what the child sees and from it grow the human being.
The Western Development of Science and Education has been to do what All Divine Books STRICTLY FORBID, that is to DELETE CONSCIENCE by Trapping human beings in OWN MINDS. Trapped in Mind and Body, the human being is no different to Any Other Animal; The capacity for Growth in Intelligence of The Heart and with it The Rise of Higher Conscience and Enlightenment, being the one difference between human beings and other animals.
When disempowered and Trapped in Body and Brain the human beings are Workers; Slaves and Human Resource; no Individual and no Conscience, no sense of Self and Honour, and therefore no restraint upon themselves in what they do to make themselves.  
Corruption and Human Rights Violations, Crimes of Terror and Hate are common in the 21st century and the World is at a loss, no human being living without Fear.
Creating the World of Global Terror and Inhumane Wars are the World Powers  of The West who has in two centuries of Artificial Development creating Illusions to Replace Truth gone ahead and destroyed Whole Earth, eliminated Humanity from The World, and captured the Global Human Population in Terror in attempts to Rise above All by Mind Control and Manipulation of All Truth using The Power of Global Media to create and spread fiction.
Queen Elizabeth is terrified of Divine Kings, Prophets, as to be expected of Barbarians who live off Thieving Others; no character or intelligence to Grow Own!
God cannot Bless Queen Elizabeth; the Satan who took over Jesus and destroyed The Bible; and then went after Muhammad empowering Saudi Arabia to destroy the Name of Prophet Muhammad and True Islam by spreading the Darkness and Ignorance and Barbarianism of Saudi Arabia as Islam to the entire global community.

I Am Born and Bred of Prophet Muhammad, and Saudi Arabia has nothing to show Islam or an Islamic State. Saudi Arabia has remained in Darkness Muhammad moved away from; Saudi Royalty still the Enemy of Prophet Muhammad the Enlightened Divine King.

World Kings are threatened by Prophets who are sent to Earth to FREE THE PEOPLE FROM World Powers. No Prophet sought to Conquer Lands. No Prophet condemned another Prophet; or divided Humanity into Religions. Man divided, after The Prophets.
All Prophets know God is One; The Universal Creator; The Universal Force; and The Universe takes Care of Itself by The Laws of The Universe.

Man imagines, Man is all powerful. A mind illusion in those who forget their Brain is created by Creator like all other creations and CANNOT be Apart or Above any other.
Only those with Divine Powers, those raised Prophets, carry Universal Solutions and Power. All World Leaders and World Powers are LIMITED, their Primary motivation Self-Interest, making themselves Stand Above the Other, remain in control.
The Prophet do not control Any One, but frees All Humans, Self-Empowerment as Freedom. This is A Threat to World Leaders and reason why Religion is slurred; Science sold as THE WAY FORWARD. A deliberate Reversal of Truth, A Lie Created and Sold by The West.
Reversed and taken forward, Science has devolved human development; stunted Inner Self Growth and human Evolution; created Animal trained to cover the Animal in them and Act given Roles.
The 21st century World is All Theater. The 20th Century Fox at top of Evolution; Pigs hired as Actors leading World, and Circus Monkeys at Play all over The World protesting on Call as guided by The United Nations!

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