Monday, 3 July 2017

The Prophet Muhammad went to Paradise.. Set Up his Castle Waluganduvaru; The Maldives

The Prophet Muhammad went to Paradise.. Set Up his Castle Waluganduvaru in Paradise on Earth
Leaving Worldly Life for Heavenly Life; and in Paradise on Earth, The Maldives Islands, on the Island of Male, the Prophet Muhammad built his Dream: Kingdom of the Islamic State of Heavenly Bliss; grounding in The Heavenly Way of Life, A Life in Good Conscience and Good Spirit; Mindful and Conscientious. Love and Understanding; Self-Government and Self Control to Self Empowerment and Freedom.  

In Waluganduvaru – The Source – Muhammad sowed the Seeds bred his Household, grooming and grounding in the Highest Principles as A Matter of Honour, Pride in Self, in Waluganduvaru, Machchangolhi, Male’, Dhivehi Raajje; My Home in Maldives.
Waluganduvaru is My Ancestral Family Castle, in Male’, Maldives. Paradise on Earth. The present day Republic of Maldives. Ma. Shimaag, My Present Day Home is

Waluganduvaru is The Prophet Muhammad’s Castle in The Wild, the Original Location of the Castle made famous in the Grimms Household Tales, or Fairy Tales. 

It is destroyed in Grand targetted Attacks by THE WEST!  

Britain, Commonwealth leading War HISTORICALLY, and United Nations in Strategic Destruction of The Maldives in the Name of Development - A War Against Islam to Kill Muhammad's Prophecy by Eliminating Muhammad's Family and Castle. 

Local Greed, The  Shameless Local Traders has joined in destruction of Waluganduvaru over time. 


In Maldives today, actively fighting Against Mahdi Aisha Velezinee Muhammad are the Traitors. Son of Trader, Mohamed Nasheed recruited to play International Champion in Grand long plotted Illegal Takeover of Power bt Artificial Creations! 

Nasheed is unable to keep himself Free; a Tool of Satan from age 23, he has gone off and SOLD PARADISE attempting to MURDER THE PROPHET FORETOLD IN THE ILLEGAL TAKEOVER. 

Nasheed and Sate FAILED to KILL VELEZINEE. Multiple Attempts - Endlessly Targetted from 2005; escalated WAR as of 10.08.2010 all except Velezinee carrying on Lies of Power above All Truth

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