Sunday, 23 July 2017

"OMG! Is it Me Yelling?" Queen is EVICTED BY IN-HOUSE BLESSING. No Blessing to Queen Aisha, The Prophet.

Oh My God.  

Poor Queen suffered 6 days and 6 nights - Queen is not allowed A Room alone.

But tonight Queen is suddenly ordered OUT of Front Room - one place Queen gets late at night  - no Silence even then the Telephones on Late Night,, Yelling Aloud. 

Queen Aisha  the Most Compassionate, the Most Just, today responded in kind to A Sudden Tornado Attack - A Public Video Talk Interrupted - Blocked Door and Ordered Lady of House to go to her Room, take her Pram too, 7th night now I need Some Space too. 

Not a care to any other, it's been extreme 

The Lady of The House PARKS The Pram in The Living Room and so she STORMS IN TO HER PARKING LOT - Queen Aisha on Public Video Talk.

Masha'Allah Poor Queen is Blessed Back in after EVICTION for Blocking Door - Accused they could NOT SLEEP. They hac not gone to bed, and Queen had stopped talked INTERRUPTED WITH THE RUDE TORNADO ATTACK. 

Queen was is One Space free - and It is Lady of House Pram Garage, where SHE ALWAYS PARK THE PRAM. 

Queen asked as Loud as Them FOR ONCE:
Do I not deserve some space too - its 7th Night no Peace?

The Other Friend who had already twice interrupted asking questions of Queen Props while Queen spoke to The People of Maldives public video joined -  First Time Queen stood ground - and Marched Off to Report. Queen went too, announced Queen needs space too 6 days and 6 nights now, walked out. 

No Rest, no Peace. 

Queen do not have Right to Silence, Space of Own - Every BODY get BED and BREAD, no special consideration to Queen.

But then MAJORITY happened and Queen found THE SECURITY COME TO SOLVE PROBLEM, ORDERING QUEEN OUT - They can give A Room. 

Queen was Surprised, 6 day 6 nights No Room possible, now suddenly Security EVICTING QUEEN FOR PEACE AND HAVING A ROOM.

Why was Room not offered 6 nights now. Queen refused EVICTION BY SECURITY, saying Queen woukd do like before Walk the Night, sit outside. Queen is not going to move EVICTED BY SECURITY in Middle of  Night when no solution before. 

The Security tonight though has to Move Queen Out - the must Solve Problem. What problem? Queen is Loud it seems they can't sleep - It did not matter to Guards they had never gone to Bed, just walked in, QUEEN MUST LEAVE HOUSE FOR PEACE or Police would need to be called. 

Very Good. Queen will move out when Police come! 

Then it was ended Queen moving out, like 6 nights before, Walk the Night, no space for Queen. Queen went asked what is Crime they are no Authorised to tell Queen - 

After a while Queen walked back and found Blessing and More being allowed back in. Masha;Allah  

Queen had to check of course to avoid Another Majority Attack, and got confirmed back in with Security to be sure there is no Insecurity!

The Security did A Majority! And Queen is One, had to confirm to avoid Another Power Rise of Msjority. 

Queen ACCUSED OF BEING LOUD is .waiting for THE BLESSING PHONE YELLS ENDING and THE CLEANING to end, just like Any other Night! 

Queen only writes at night - Seeks Silence, Some Rest.

A Mad House and Majority Power Games now. 

The way Security were Out to EVICT Queen it may be Queen's Props - Blessing questioned. 
Blessing had come twice talking over, asking Queen questions on WHAT Queen is talking, nothing she can understsnd.

Queen is living and learning Madness all around. And now..

1:56 am. STILL YELLING ON PHONE! And in Loo right outside Queen's late night Peace Space AUTHORISED after SECURITY CHECK

7th night Queen is Suffering

Tonight,, Queen write A Card, push under door.
"OMG! Is it Me Yelling?"

No End to YELLING. Serious Unconsciousness in this IN-HOUSE BLESSING!

Poor Queen is Fool, unable to complain. The LOUDEST and MAJORITY gets The World. 

Queen is now tired of this Drama.

Silence required of Queen - the Criminal - Queen Aisha must not speak. 

Gave The Finger! In Absolute Silence. 

What A World. 

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