Tuesday, 4 July 2017

UN Caught State Fixing, STILL Attempting to Ignore TRUE PROPHET, Kill Prophecy and Steal Paradise

UN claims to be in the Activity of Globalization, Democratization and THE RULE OF LAW; spending Billions A Year, FIXING STATES in ILLEGAL TAKE OVERS.

In The Maldives, the United Nations is caught in STEALING COURTS, FIXING STATE, FIXING GOVERNMENT, and attempting to create HALAAL out of HARAAM; or create Legitimacy of Illegality.

Mohamed Nasheed, Team Gayoom and International Friends partner to STEALING PARADISE bargained on throwing Velezinee the Threat to their Grand Conspiracy on Article 285 destruction INTO the Maldives Judicial Service Commission and KILLING VELEZINEE and Article 285 TOGETHER IN THEIR ILLEGAL TAKEOVER.

They FAILED, Velezinee the Prophet destined Protected from the Psychological Torture and All Other Forms of Cruel, Inhumane and Degrading Treatment; and Saved from MULTIPLE Murder Attempts by the very same Local Leaders claiming to bring Democracy.

Yameen Rasheed is murdered, Rilwan is disappeared, all the unresolved Murders and Organised Crime in The Maldives in the 21st Century linked – All Murders by The State of Maldives in their attempts to illegally takeover State, TRAP the Population in A Lawless Courtless Satanic Terror State forver more.

The World came in Trickery, have FREELY EXPLOITED the Whole Population, creating People of those serving the Foreign Powers with Awards and Rewards; HIDING THE ONE AND ONLY SUBSTANTIVE ISSUE – Article 285 and THE RULE OF LAW.

United Nations is in the BIG BUSINESS of Saving World as it is – Holding All Power and Resources and Control of All Life in the hands of Dynasties – THE WORLD LEADERS WHO THIEVED OFF DIVINE KINGS AND HAVE DESTROYED GLOBAL HUMAN POPULATION.

West blocked Human Evolution; REVERSED BACK TO MONKEYS in 200 YEARS.
The United Nations the Neo Coloniser. Colonizing Minds, REVERSING TRUTH and Stuffing the Brains for Manipulation by Mind Control.

There is NO THOUGHT in The World; Reason LOST to Global Terror created by Satanic Terror Attacks aimed at capturing global population in Fear – Legitimizing War.
The EVIDENCE, refusal to ACKNOWLEDGE the Prophecy having come True despite the 1300 Year Old Conspiracy and War 1917 to 2017 against Waluganduvaru – The Prophet foretold in Prophecy CONFISCATED FROM THE PEOPLE; ABUSED BY SATANIC FORCES.

Britain took Illegal Control over Jesus and Bible; went to War chasing Muhammad!

Britain FEARS Enlightenment and FREEDOM TO THE PEOPLE, Afraid of END TO SLAVERY

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