Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Britain Faked A Hero of Nasheed by Faking A Mad Velezinee. Two States and Two Tales. Two Tongues and Two Faces.

Britain Faked A Hero of Nasheed by Faking A Mad Velezinee
Local and International Divide.
Two States and Two Tales. Two Tongues and Two Faces.

News. International Truth
(Reversal of Local Reality)
Local Truth

The Maldives is Paradise; discovered in the late 1970s.

The Maldives is Hell, created deliberately as of the 1970s.
The Maldives is said to be “discovered” by an Italian Woman “Toni the Maldive Lady” whom President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom honoured for Her Discovery of Maldives!
The Maldives is Hell for the Local People; Life, what remained of Local Traditions and Society completely destroyed with the Coming of Maumoon Abdul Gayoom to Power in 1978.
With Gayoom began the consolidated creation of the conditions as exists today in The Maldives, for the Grandest Conspiracy in World History – Stealing Paradise, Eliminating Prophet and Killing Prophecy.
If not for Gayoom, Velezinee may not have grown up The Ptophet! As foretold by Muhammad (and HIDDEN by Satan!)

Mohamed Nasheed is The Democracy and Human Rights Champion.

Mohamed Nasheed is A Political Actor, A Player (Chess Master by own claims), interest in Power.

Velezinee is Nasheed’s Supporter/JSC Member.

Velezinee is The One Independent and Consistent Voice; no Party.
Velezinee is The One and Only Protector of Article 285 and Independent Courts 07.08.2008 to 07.08.2010; the period provided in Constitution to establish Judiciary.

Nasheed lost Courts. Is Victim.

Nasheed Sold Courts.

Nasheed did not seek Independent Courts; was party to pre-plotted Silent Coup – destruction of Article 285.
Nasheed was ACTIVELY ENGAGED THROUGHTOUT in undermining and public challenging of Velezinee. Nasheed attempted Murder of both Article 285 and Velezinee together, failed despite multipke attempts. It was A War for Courts – Velezinee going in KNOWING OF SET UP and Article 285 Silent Coupl having gone inside and informed Nasheed in time on JSC 23.09.2009 to 26.07.2009. Nasheed was in Conspiracy from beginning – A Recruit of International and Local Traders, British made and marketed.

Nasheed is The Democracy Champion.
Nasheed is The Local Bully; Trader’s Son; Lost – SOLD ALL – in Secret Deals and Secret Talks.

Nasheed EXPLOITS THE POPULATION IN HIS POLITICS, The Prople played Human Shield; Used, Abused, Discarded, THREATS Eliminated. Nasheed is the New Recruit in Final Roundl SittingAmongst The Political Leaders/Dealers of Maldives – The Local Warlords/Mafia of Satanic Terror State pf Maldives created from 1978 takeover.

Velezinee in Nobody; Nasheed employed in JSC.

Velezinee is EVERYBODY. The Only One to Speak for The Constitution Article 285 The Courts, Justice and Human Rights OF ALL.
The One to have carried Article 285 not selling Courts despite the Politics and Pressure; giving up Own Life committing to Justice for The People.

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