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Original Idea, Tropical Paradise, Islamic Utopia The Source; Prophet Muhammad's Castle Waluganduvaru

Original Idea, Tropical Paradise, Islamic Utopia
The Source; Prophet Muhammad's Castle Waluganduvaru

The Beginning of Muhammad. In The World.

The Prophet Muhammad of Islam is born in the Darkness of Arabia, the Land of Ignorance at the time, and grew up amongst The People.
Muhammad was wise, knew the ways of the People in the Land, and lived in Good Spirit, A Life lived in Good Conscience. Muhammad grew wiser in time, and he had Awakenings and The Enlightenment, naturally.  Muhammad Rose to The Top, the Highest Natural Intelligence of God Conscience, and the Divine Position of The Prophet.
Muhammad had immense knowledge, knew the Law of The Universe, Natural Law and Order like no other Human who walked the Earth before or after him, and the Divine Power to Access the Universal Energy Force and Knowledge.
Muhammad could not Teach the Way of The Divine given the Ignorance of Arabia at time and the Mischief Makers, the World Powers of the Time and The Hypocrites. Muhammad migrated out of Mecca moving to Medina, and from there Muhammad moved on, as told: Muhammad went to Paradise.

 THE SECRET. Muhammad went to Paradise

Muhammad was the Wisest of All, choosing to leave the World and move out, away from Worldly Conflict and Power Wars and Going to Paradise, Heaven.
This is the point the Life of Muhammad in Saudi Arabia ends.
What followed is HIDDEN, Top Royal Secret of The World at least 1300 Years Old, Muhammad DID NOT DIE TO GO TO HEAVEN, PARADISE. The Prophet Muhammad left Medina, moved on, to Paradise on Earth, The Maldives, ZERO BELT, Zero Degree Atoll, Ground Zero.

Muhammad’s Tropical Paradise; Islamic Utopia

Moving to Paradise on Earth, The Maldives, ZERO BELT, Zero Degree Atoll, Ground Zero, Muhammad established his Dream Heaven.
On Male’ Island in The Maldives, Paradise on Earth, Muhammad founded and established Muhammad’s Dream Kingdom of Heavenly Bliss, The Islamic Utopia, Tropical Paradise. My Family Home in Male’, the Oriiginal Land, Original Source, The Prophet Muhammad’s Castle in The Wild, Waluganduvaru.
In Waluganduvaru Muhammad bred and groomed his Family and Household in the Highest Principles of Life – the Higher Principled Life of Divine Kings and Divine Queens.

The Mahdi, Prophet. Hidden Queen Foretold

The Queen of Paradise in Muhammad’s Kingdom of Heaven established in Waluganduvaru, Male’, Maldives is the Ruler and Protector of Law and Order in Paradise Male’ by the Original Idea and The Ancestral Tradition introdiuced and established by Muhammad way back in time.
At this time in World History, My Self, Queen Aisha Velezinee Muhammad of Original Source, Muhammad’s Castle in The Wild, Waluganduvaru, Male’, Maldives, Paradise on Earth.
The Queens of Islam are the Mothers of The Earth, the Protectors of Social Order, with the Original Idea of SELF GOVERNMENT.

Waluganduvaru – The Castle in The Wild

The Original Castle Name Waluganduvaru is confiscated mid 20th century, the Family accused of a Wild Sex Party in the Moonlight. This history is undocumented, unknown, and there is NO HISTORY of Waluganduvaru in Local History either. Despite it, Waluganduvaru remained A House of Highest Principles, all but Self Dignity, Integrity and Self Respect, Honour that could NOT BE STOLEN left to Waluganduvaru.
With confiscation of Castle Name and ordered to adopt A House Name at the Government of the Time, Waluganduvaru is renamed Handhuwarumatheege, Home in The Moonlight.  Thereafter in another change to house name, the plot left to family is now renamed Ma. Shimaag, my present day family home in Male’, Maldives.

Crime of Waluganduvaru
is to be Prophet Muhammad’s Family and Castle!

The Crime of Waluganduvaru is being FAMILY OF THE PROPHET MUHAMMAD.
Muhammad chose the Way of The Wise; to remove himself from The World to avoid Conflict and War with World Powers at the time by the Divine King Muhammad. The Threat, Muhammad CONQUERING HEARTS, the Love of The People. Muhammad spoke FOR THE PEOPLE, for Freedom and Right to Life, the Right to fulfill Own Destiny, Rise to Higher Life NATURALLY by RAISING CONSCIENCE, HIGHER INNER LIFE FOR THE SOUL – FOOD FOR THE SOUL TO FEED AND GROW.


No Conflict. All Equally Equal. All Free to Grow Higher and Higher, by Self Government and Rise in Good Conscience, Wisdom and Honour

It is not some people born with natural aptitude for Higher Life and Enlightenment, Happiness in Life. All human beings are given capacity and intelligence naturally. Life lived on Earth is NOT the end of the Life of the Soul, and with Death the Life leaves the Body to be Reborn. If YOU lived A Higher INNER LIFE, has High Conscience at time of Death you are Reborn for Higher Life in the New Life Path.

There is NO DEATH for the Soul, the Life in you, Freedom from the Spiral in Rising to The Heavens Above – Realizing High Conscience and Rising to AN ANGEL. With The Final Awakening, YOU GET YOUR OWN WINGS. The Wings INSIDE.

All Divine Books are on INNER LIFE, Self Government and Morality. Life in Good Conscience, doing Human right and doing no Human wrong. In World Teachings, the Divine Knowledge is REVERSED OUT BY MAN FOR CONTROL OVER THE OTHER. THIS IS FORBIDDEN, INTERFERENCE BETWEEN THE BELEIVER AND BELIEF. A Life in Good Conscience, A Basic  and Inalienable Right of Every Human Being.

In life lived, as organized in the Modern World, there is no environment for human being to fulfill own destiny; all human beings engaged in “Saving the World” and Government of The World, Peace Keeping plus plus..

Global Peace. Human Life lived Free of Fear, the Way of The Enlightened, is True Freedom. 

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