Saturday, 22 July 2017

Dutch King put Queen Aisha in Wrong Camp. Queen asked Doctor to Recommend CONCENTRATION CAMP FOR THE PROPHET


Queen Aisha  of Paradise is NO REFUGEE, have ZERO INTEREST in "finding A Life: in The Netherlands.

The Prophet of Peace needs, PEACE.

There is No Right to Peace for The Prophet in The Refugee Camp. Every BODY Equal. Every BODY counted, no consideration of Human!

So, Queen Aisha today asked The Doctor to PLEASE write A  Recommendation for Queen Aisha Velezinee Muhammad to be put in A Concentration Camp. \

The Prophet needs Silence, Space, Peace to CONCENTRATE on Divine Duty.

Dutch King has put Queen in the Wrong Camp/

Dutch has no Recognition of HUMAN in Human Rights.

Every BODY gets Bed and Bread is for saving THE SLAVES, keeping Slaves fit for Slavery. Slaves need BODY, THE FLESH; Queen do not need or use BODY for Conscientious Duty.

The Prophet use HEART - THE SPIRIT.

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