Sunday, 4 June 2017

World in War in Maldives. Exploiting n Killing Local People in Game of Eliminating Threat of Identified Prophet Velezinee and #StealingParadise from Quran

Basic Notes for Record. No Time at This Time for Prophet Aisha to give  to writing blog articles. The Law, Article 285 stands above all other interests. 

World is in War inside Maldives - Against Local Population 

Motive Stealing Paradise by Eliminating Velezinee, The Prophet foretold. 

From 10 August 2010, the date when The Local Mafia who head Local Politics gotaway Stealing Courts bringing The Commonwealth to stand guard and divert The People from Velezinee and #Artcle285 Madness, I have resisted the Illegality of Courts and protested Against the Destruction of the Constitutional State. 

Without Courts and Constitution, there is no Space for either A Democratic State or Islamic State and to carry on pretence without addressing real issue of The State being illegally taken, captured in Transition by the Local Mafia in A Silent Coup is absurd and playing on the Ignorance of Law amongst the People, the Population. 

This Scandal has continued 7 years now, no end to Injustice from the Courts and Terror by the Illegal State; NO POLITICAL LEADER TAKING UP ISSUE OF ILLEGALITY OR ATTEMPTING RECOVERY OF LOST COURTS< STATE AND FREEDOMS OF THE PEOPLE. 

PROOF of International Conspiracy is in them distancing themselves from Velezinee as of June 2016, no more HELP EMAILS, and the Deafening Silence on Fatwa plus Non-Recognition of The Fatwa and Arrest Order on Velezinee as State Led Terrorism, Crimes Against the Local Population to create Hate and Fear Against Velezinee - The One with The Solution to Global Terror of Islamic State. 

Exploiting n Killing Local People 

The Response of Foreign Friends to Velezinee is to constantly as questions, seek comments, show Velezinee she is A Voice while completely blocking out the #SilentCoup and Case of Illegality of Courts of Maldives and Destruction of The Constitution, ONE AND ONLY ISSUE VELEZINEE SPEAKS.

Together the Political Leaders and Foreign Friends, hiring An Army of Experts has attempted to Rise Above Velezinee with Opinion on Courts of Maldives no mind to THE RULE OF LAW that give no other but Velezinee the Authority to Speak on Courts of Maldives for The People. 

This went on and on, many Experts coming to Stand above Me and My Constitution, deleting My Extraordinary Work and Knowledge off Local History, writing the Tale of The Winners - The State Fixers as Absolute Truth on The Maldives. 

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Rilwan and Yameen fell Victim to Grand Crime of Eliminating Thinkers off Earth.

Historical War Against God by World Leaders - Identifying and Eliminating Thinkers, Natural Intelligence, from The World for Artificial Intelligence to take Control of Whole Earth has created existing World of Global Terror.

THE MIND HAS NO INTELLIGENCE - ONLY INFO, EXTERNAL INPUT. The Intellectual Lost in MindTrap is A Goner, No Thought in them. 

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