Friday, 16 June 2017

200 Years is Infant Democracy. Muhammad established Original Idea 1300+ Years Ago

200 Years is Truly Infant Democracy

Muhammad established Original Idea 1300+ Years Ago

The Western Leaders has fooled The Western Public and are more afraid of UNLOCKING THE TRUTH than The East.

HIDING TRUTH for 1300 Years , West went to War Against Muhammad and Paradise plotting Satanic Theater of The Prophecy for Propaganda and Emption - Legitimization of War by creating #slamophobia

Western Leaders TERROR is the expose of Their Gross and Grave, historical Crimes Against Humanity. The Reversal of Truth, and Thieving from Muhammad, appropriating Muhammad's Work to Fake Age of Enlightenment and Reason.

The West had an Age of Industrialization and Scientific Engineering - destruction of Earth and All Life, all human beings taken Slave, captured and trained Human Resource to serve the Other - Money the Purpose of Life

West has produced No Enlightened Human, No Prophet. Jesus if of Nazareth, and Nazareth is not in Europe - not Rome nor London.

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