Saturday, 10 June 2017

Photos #HeavenlyWay to A Life of Dignity #HeavenlyQueenAisha on Time-Out; No Taking anymore Hell or Yell in The Hague

For #HeavenlyQueen Aisha, it is Hell in The Hague 

Oh My God. Ya Allah, I Am Suffering Hell in The Hague, o Save My Paradise, The Kingdom of Heaven!

Queen Aisha is surely shown The Land of The Blind and The Deaf, the devastation of The Mind Trap globally. The Dutch walk with The Dutch Perspective and offer Dutch Opinion as if it were The Universal Truth upon all in Their Home Land, regardless of Who or Purpose of Visit/Stay. 


Quuen Aisha had a few "incidents" 06.06.2017 and yet again suffered Agony and Hell, at the Absence of Human Being. Life is too busy for Human Being; all at Work and Very Professional, trained in their professions. 

On 07.06.2017 an exhausted Queen Aisha vowed to remain in Good Spirit, remain Heavenly, and Protect Self from unnecessary Pain and Suffering; Focus on the #Heavenly Mission Saving My Paradise = Going Home, Free Forever. 

To cheer u[ Queen went to The Cheap Shop to stock up on felt pens, paper and notepads and #Miracle

Lo and Behold! 

#HeavenlyQueenAisha found A Godsend, A Thermos Flask for the Royal Coffee! 

God Blessed the Queen. Masha/Allah 

Heavenly Queen Aisha Velezinee Muhammad has found Peace in Hell, the #HeavenlyWay -
#NoConflict You Keep Your Silence and Peace; No Yelling; I Remain in Peace. not disturbing Peace of any other; and My Peace not taken by the Rude Yell of any other for any reason whatsoever. 

In Civilized Society, people speak, no raising voice to a Yell or Silencing the Other as if they are Imbeciles and will not hear you if you speak you words civil, communicate with respect to other as a human being. 

On #HeavenlyDuty The #HeavenlyWay 

#NoConflict Remain In Peace; Allow Me, The Ghost, Space to #RIP 

On 8.6.2017 Queen Aisha went to Leiden for a meeting with the Queen's Asylum Lawyer. The follow up to the Interview on 01.06.2017 with the IND Officer. I will write and post an update in good time. 

This post is Photos of The newly resolved, SELF IDENTIFIED PROPHET, The #HeavenlyQueenAisha Velezinee Muhammad in The #IslamicState of Bliss, on #Jihad to Unlock Paradise; Open the Gates to Kingdom of Heaven for entire Global Population. 

To Remain in Peace, Queen Aisha is now on #TimeOut enjoying the Peace of Solitude and the Peace of having taken The First and Fundamental Step of Self Identification before The Legal Authorities; for the Next Steps to Unveil The Hidden Truth; and The Miracle of The Global Shift! Paradise for All 

In Leiden, #HeavenlyQueenAisha sat down for a Coffee in Peace, on the way to meet the Lawyer. Leiden is a beautiful small city and The Spot not far from the Leiden Central Train Station is a beautiful tourist attraction spot; the Windmill of Times forgotten behind me photographed by every tourist - almost. . 

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On Friday, 9.6.2017 Queen found an Empty Bench for A Coffee in Peace, outside The Royal Queen's Garden in The Hague; and had a lovely hour - Coffee and Buns and Notes for #Jihad of #IslamicState of Bliss Saving My Paradise

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