Friday, 16 June 2017

The Lies of The West. Europeans Know No Human Rights. Have No Human Rights. Can Do No Human Right.

The Lies of The West 

Europeans Know No Human Rights Have No Human Rights. 

Can Do No Human Right. 

Europe - The West lays claim to being the Mature Democracies; and the leaders in Human Rights; but that is A Farce cleverly created by the Western Leaders and fed into The European Mind for 200 years; and sold to the World in the past 60 Years with the creation of the West controlled United Nations. 

Europeans Know No Human Rights

The first thing in Human Rights is recognition of the Human Being, the Person, and that is outside the European concept and understanding.

In my personal experience in The Netherlands, in The Hague, The European knows The Human Right to be in their own Image - The Dutch being Perfection of The Human Right; judging Others by Their Eyes, anything and anyone that do not fit with the Dutch Mental Image of The Human Eight, A Wrong. 

It is beyond Dutch comprehension that to judge the Other is not their Right. 

There is NO Concept of Not Doing a Human Wrong, and every Dutch has A Judgement, their Opinion and Perspective to offer the Other; without the Capacity to Hear, Comprehend, and Understand the Other. 

The Europeans are convinced, by the World Media, the whole world is Insane except for Europe and Europeans, and all are clamouring for The Human Righy in Wurope. 

Little do they know they are deceived by their own leaders, trapped in Mind and Body, and REgulated into Enforced Slavery for Life by Trickery. 

Western Science having REVERSED Original Truth and Western Powers - The Royal Club - Original Idea of Democracy and Human Rights. 

Europeans Have No Humian Rights

In Europe there is no concept of Right to Life the inalienable Right of every human being. 

In Europe, all Rights are reserved, categorised, and in The Law - Legal Rights and Not Human Rights. 

As such, for me, TRAPPED BY ORGANISED CRIME AGAINST MY SELF WHILE IN THE HAGUE, funds vut, bank transfers and deposits into local account in Bank of Maldives blocked (all informal action) and isolated from My Family, My People in The Maldives, and World at this time (My Social Media blocked) while the Sheikhs rage against "Satan Velezinee" and State lead Hate Against Velezinee and Terrorization of the Public, The Dutch are unable to offer food or safe home. 

Instead, By The Law, the Dutch Helpers have shamelessly offered me:
1. A Surprise Home Visit by A Volunteer Doctor to do Magic, put F;esh on My Body without ability to provide A Bread - Not in the Law! 
2. A Surprise House Call by a Psychiatrist to Help my mind absorb I must put Flesh on My Boy. Again in the Absence of ANY MEANS TO LIFE. No Right to Any Funds, No Way to Raise Funds, No Funds of My Own - having served The Sate of Maldives from Age no other. 

Psychiatrist was Classic.

He told me 
He watched A Video where I say I Am Satan, ask me, "Did you say You Are Satan?'
Yes Doctor. You Saw it.  said it I Am Satan by My State Fatwa. It is A Legal Issue. 

He watched Another Bideo where I say I Am The Prophet, ask me, "Did you say You The Prophet?'
Yes Sir! You Saw it. I Am The Prophet. A Thinker. 

Do you see The Prophet Muhammad?
How long does these Thoughts last? How often does this happen? Do you sleep 8 hours a Night?..BLAH BLAH BLAH..

I Am of The Opinion you are Bipolar.

Sure! Who can be more Bipolar, Satan and Prophet, till The UNLOCKING of TRUTH. . 

Dutch Can Do No Human Right while holding the Dutch Mind Above Other 

Dutch Can Do No Human Right.until they Get Out of their Own Minds; and develop the capacity, tolerance and intelligence to really Hear, See, Get to Know the Other, and Understand the Other from the Other's Perspective. Not everything in in The Dutch Mind and unless the Mind Opens to New, the Dutch can do no Human Right. 

Velezine will NEVER BE Dutch Mind. 

I have Conscience, the Dutch are ignorant of. No Sense, No Knowledge, No Information of Any Intelligence Outside The Brain.
No Knowledge, The Brain DO NOT CARRY INYELLIGENCE; Have No Capacity for Thought, and is All Artificial - The Most Fragile.

The Brain seeks Victory for Own Opinion, no Interest in Truth or Justice.

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