Friday, 30 June 2017

Velezinee, Prophet destined, Caught the World Super Powers in WAR CRIMES: Fixing State, Stealing Paradise - Maldives

The World of 21st century is managed by Fire Power of the Super Powers and that is the Failure of World Powers who attempted to use Democracy and Islam REVERTED BACKWARDS to Manipulate the Global Population and World Affairs; take over Whole Earth by defeating The Prophecy they Hide and abuse; and eliminating The Prophet destined – Velezinee of Waluganduvaru.
Velezinee is made Nobody is World Media, Mohamed Nasheed the International Hero.
The Fact is Velezinee rose and defeated The Local Mafia – including Mohamed Nasheed recruited to play Democracy Champion

1.      Velezinee - the One Woman Army - fought Full State for Article 285 Courts and publicly exposed the; Illegal takeover by Politicians, the Local Dealers and Fixers who controlled State of Maldives in Transition, all fixed for pre-planned takeover pretending reform the Moduc Operandi of Gayoom 1978-2008; and
2.       Velezinee PROVED TO PUBLIC there is NO CONFLICT between Islam and Democracy; the Politicians playing both in Politics of Power; and
4.       In the developments as of 1 March 2016 it is proven The War is International – The World Powers are all joined in keeping up The Lie of Politicised Courts as Crisis in Maldives while HIDING TRUTH THE POLITICAL COURTS ARE THE OUTCOME OF HIGHEST TYRANNY POSSIBLE IN TRANSITION – STEALING COURTS AND STATE OFF THE CONSTITUTION, TRICKING THE PEOPLE.

Velezinee refused to accept The Political Takeover and as of 10.08.2010 it has been A Silent War, Velezinee labelled Mad Woman for refusing to join in Crime or Hide the Crime of Stealing Courts, Stealing State, Stealing Paradise.

With the Rise of Velezinee to Prophet on 21.03.2017 it is now clear the Silent War is in fact TRULY Stealing Paradise! The World Powers had attempted eliminating Prophet, demonizing Prophecy, and taking over Illegally Forever more.

At this Time I remain The Unwanted Prophet of Global Peace – 1000 Years Unbroken Peace with The UNVEILING OF THE HIDDEN, The Satanic Verses. The #Miracle of Truth. A 21st Century Apocalypse.

All Truth is Reversed. World Returned to Age of Darkness

Reversal of Truth is An About Turn, and development having reversed The Truth is a Walk Backward.

Both Islam and Democracy has failed as Original Idea is REVERSED; the TRUTH Distorted and Reversed by World Powers in War Against Divine Kings – The Prophets. Every Book is appropriated by World Powers after the destruction of The Divine Kings and The Prophets; the Last of The Three Books being Islam.

The World Powers took over Islam and distorted, just like The Divine Books before, confiscating the Verses that gave The People Knowledge on Enlightenment and Self-Empowerment, Freedom.
Thereafter, in the 20th century, Islam is Lost in The World; Big Money taking over and reverting The Believers Worldwide back to The Darkness and Ignorance of Saudi Arabia, the Mecca Muhammad had left; Saudi Arabia taking over as The Pope of Islam. The West had helped recreate An Islam like Christianity, appointing Intermediaries between The Believers and The Book left to The Believers.
Truth Reversed is Human Evolution reversed; and so it is that in the 21st century The World in back to The Age of Darlkness; all Reason Lost to Terror, Fear and Hate Crimes.

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