Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Europeans Are Zoo Animals. Regulated for Control without Civilization.

Europeans fancy themselves the most advanced, the most developed, the most democratic and the most peaceful; yet it is all in Their Minds, a Mind Illusion they carry around as Fact, though themselves are unable to live up to.their own Image of Themselves and make it A Reality.

WHY they are unable to live up to own Image of themselves is, I can say, now, because they are deceived by the Western Tactic of Rule by the Power of Mind Control.

For A Society to be truly advanced, developed, democratic and peaceful, the first and foremost step is the Civilization of The People. 

Civilization of the People require teaching the People Good Manners and Good Conduct and the building of Good Character; and raising Consciousness on both Right and Wrong.

In the Dutch, there is no sense of Wrongs against the Other, creating an extremely dangerous situation where The Other has No protection when and where the Dutch claim Their Right. The effect and harms upon the Other is unseen.

200 Years of Democracy REVERSING THE ORIGINAL IDEA has created in Europe a highly regulated and organized Zoo. All the Animals all taught and trained in The Rules of The Zoo; without attention to good breeding and to grounding the People in the RULES OF SELF CONDUCT UPON THEMSELVES that is the mark of True Civilization antion wd Advancement of Human Society and the Original Idea of Democracy established by The Prophet Muhammad.

The fault is NOT with the European People as they too are Victims of the Trickery of Western Leaders.

The West - Britain - misued STOLEN KNOWLEDGE of Muhammad, The Prophet of The Islamic State of Heavenly Bliss; REVERSED Original Idea for external control and continuation of slavery and subjugation, and FAKED Democracy in own States without civilizing the People and empowering the Citizens to be free of the need to stand above others and overpower the other.

Civilization is Key to Freedom from Want and Fear and Regulation for Law and Order without  Civilization is ARTIFICIAL DEVELOPMENT.

The Animal in the Human Being remains where there is no Grounding for Life, no Civilization. The Laws and Regulations DO NOT create Civilization, and on the contrary the Law in the hands of the uncivilized human being is A Threat to the Other. \

In the world of the 21st century, Every Human Being employed is Human Resource with The Power to Judge the Other. In this situation Uncivilized without capacity to hold themselves responsible and apply Rules of Conduct to Themselves to do Right and do No Wrong are A Threat to the Other and All of Humanity.

The uncivilized do not have Conscience; and without Conscience the human being is an Animal. no more.

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