Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Torture in ISS, Erasmus University and The 9/11 Reawakening of The Hidden Queen, Islamic State Rising in The Hague

Torture in The Hague 

Velezinee had an extreme Year in The Hague 17.11.2015 to 14.11.2017 which made no sense at the time.  It made no sense for Professor Dr. Karin Arts to get involved in the Local Politics of The Maldives. And giving an email from David Hardingham of Salisbury UK, a British Businessman to UCT/Erasmus University as Reason for my sudden and unexpected "dismissal" AFTER subjecting me to 7 months of extreme Torture inside the Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University is A Joke. 

Expelling Velezinee who was at time on leave off PhD for Conscientious Duty for reason, Hardingham email, is IN EFFECT Professor Dr. Karin Arts and the Rector Inge Hutter ejoining the War Against the People of Maldives and the Big Business, Stealing Paradise. 

ISS was Joking, Rector Inge Hutter a Fool appointed the Rector for no reason except that she is A Fool, a Shameless Actress who reads scripts and play roles and pretend herself qualified to run an institution. She cannot manage her own Self, let alone an Institution, devoid of Intelligence and full of Ignorant Arrogance! 

The Rector Inge Hutter, ISS, Erasmus University

The Dumbest Ass I have had to sit and hear ever!

Inge Hutter assumed Velezinee would become A Child  if Inge Hutter spoke to Velezinee like A Child! 

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By then Professor Dr. Karin Arts who had deliberately fixed the trap I am forced into by blocking all my attempts for my financial security, created and spread falsities against me to isolate from my colleagues, Starved me, and carried out extreme #SilentWar Tactic acts of Torture to Shame and Publicly Humiliate Velezinee had fled into hiding terrified by her failure to Control and Manipulate Velezinee by Trickery and Forgery. 

9/11 Islamic State Rising in The Hague

On 9/11 (2016) The Hidden Queen reawakened, Islamic State Rising as Foretold in The Hidden Prophecy The Rector Inge Hutter the Trigger. 


Professor in Human Rights, Lawyer Dr. Karin Arts, ISS, Erasmus University

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Lecturer in Human Rights, Lawyer, Dr. Jeff Handmaker, ISS, Erasmus University


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