Friday, 23 June 2017

Full State Attempted Driving Velezinee Insane with REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY; and Velezinee Went Mad with Article 285 DEFEATED FULL STATE!

Velezinee has had Own Independent Public Life in the Maldives Democratic Transition from 2005

AND THEN CAME CONSTITUTION 2008, and JSC and Article 285 Courts..

In the course of Public Duty during the Maldives Democratic Transition, Velezinee accepted appointment to the Maldives Judicial Service Commission as Guardian of Courts and Constitution in Transition,

AND while serving in the JSC, caught #Article285 Madness Serving Independent Public Office in the Maldives Judicial Service Commission.

26.09.2009 Velezinee took up Nasheed challenge to Save Article 285 Courts, "Hey Vel You Sit.. You are the only one - One Woman Who Can Hold Up Nine Men At Once".

YES Mr. President! I Will. 

4 August 2010. The Queen Appraled to judges to not join Silent Coup. They took Oath under duress, locked up, JSC threatening them if they did not take Oath JSC would decide what to do. With no Authority able to hold Inquiry, no one had choice not to follow illegal orders. Abdulla Shahid manned 2 Fronts - JSC Seat and Speaker of Parliament. 

"President Mamber" - LONE ADVOCATE for Constitution Execution, Article 285 joining Civil Servants Protest Against Parliament. Speech on Speaker of Parliament Abdulla Shahid THIEVING IN JSC. Taking Money he has no right to claim. 

Article 285 is A BLIND SPOT only Velezinee Saw, and See still today. In SEVEN YEARS No Other is able to understand ILLEGALITY cannot be corrected by multiple retrainings of same judges - no learning or culture, used by State in judging since Gayoom introduced System 1980. NOTHING CHANGED ON GROUND> 

J. J. saw Velezinee as The President's Member; never asked: Where is The President?

Most used Photo by J J Robinson of Minivan News of the few photos of Mad Woman Velezinee in Transition.  Website with Velezinee own data is down now, Article 285 international #SilentWar happening now. 

Velezinee is The Mad Woman of Maldives and One Woman Army (as told by J. J. Robinson, Minivan News)

With #Article285 Madness Velezinee has VIRTUALLY LIVED A PUBLIC LIFE WITH THE PEOPLE, on public record as of 01.05.2005, on the Personal Facebook Page open to The Public.

Velezinee first went Public with Article 285 Conspracy Against Independence of Courts and Judges on 01.05.2010 serving on the Commission after Parliament failed to hold Inquiry to Multiple Reports of Constitution Breach and destruction and Article 285 Nullification by the JSC; the first Written Complaint on Article 285 destruction and the attempts at retaining old system fully filed on 23.02.2010 with the Parliament Oversight Committee.

The State in Transition went to Open Public War Against Velezinee UNSEEN and UNREPORTED by The Local Media.

J.J. Robinson who manned One and Only Media to World from Maldives, a young and ambitious Brit recruited in London by David Hardingham as all Minivan News Staff were, on "A Work Holiday in Paradise" who created The International Fool Velezinee had excuse NOT REPORTING Substance in Velezinee work, the full mobilization of The Constitution on articole 285 journey. Minivan News had no local staff - all written by Brits for Brits.

The Final British Verdict - THE LIE THEY CREATED having created the 2-States joining Local Mafia in aiding, abeting and cover up of Court Stealing and ongoing attempts at permanent State Fixing of Courtless Lawless Democracy,

Velezinee EXPOSE THE LIES of The State Fixers, and THE LIE OF A CONFLICT BETWEEN ISLAM AND DEMOCRACY, and hence The British has falsely labelled Velezinee is Mad and SOLD A FALSE TALE TO WORLD, the International defence for Mohamed Nasheed never having heard Velezinee, nor provided Article 285 A FREE AND FAIR HEARING.

Article 285 became a One Woman Issue going on and on from Transition, No Hearing ever yet. .

Beginning of Transition Madness

Velezinee Going Mad. Walk Out of Gayoom Prison, Walking Alone 2005

Velezinee walked out of the Government of Maldives in July 2005 after 6 months sitting A Prisoner of Gayoom yer again, New Girl in The Office in the Population and Development Section of the Ministry of Planning and National Development at a time of (as thought st the time) a Time of Revolutionary Change to My Maldives.

Satan Maumoon Abdul Gayoom

1979 Gayoom Stole My Religion - Islam of Calm and Happiness, Conscious Life
1990 Gayoom Attempted Stealing My Name Velezinee - Sent A Special Envoy to My Father
1989 to 2017 Gayoom Attempted Stealing My Destiny AND Manipulation, the Forgery of A FAKE Hidden Queen

Maldives had been taken over by Satan Maumoon Abdul Gayoom who came STEALING MY RELIGION, appointing himself The God of All, and BANNING HAPPINESS AND ALL OUR TRADITIONS OF LIFE, THE LIVED ISLAM, as UnIslamic! Gayoom brought the Ignorance of Saudi Arabia and destroyed Maldives Society and Ciltured Life with Artificial Creations in his 30 Years in the 40 Year Run to DEFEAT MUHAMMAD by #StealingParadise blocking tThe Promise of The Global Revival of Peace, 1000 Years of Unbroken Peace in the True Age of Enlightenment. In the #HeavenlyWay of The Islamic State of Heavenly Bliss, founded and established by The Ptophet Muhammad in Paradise on Earth, The Maldives Islands.

My Ancestral Family Castle has been THE TARGET in War Against Paradise; Making Nobody of Prophet Assigned having A Laugh at Muhammad insulting Velezinee AND KILLING PROPHECY COMING TRUE.

Preliminary preparation creating The Science that stand above The Universal Force, The Law of Nature, Natural Order, Universe.



Human Evolution blocked; TRAPPED in Own Brains. Deliberate Crimes Against Humanity - Reversal of All Truth, Manipulation - PREVENTING FREEDOM OF HUMAN POPULATION BY SELF EMPOWERMENT AND ENLIGHTENMENT. True FREEDOM FROM ALL FEAR AND SLAVERY.

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