Thursday, 22 June 2017

UN Commonwealth and Satan Maumoon Abdul Gayoom IDENTIFIED VELEZINEE & RECRUITED NASHEED 1989

The World Leaders have gone to War Against TRUE PROPHECY; The Paradise PROMISED.


Velezinee of Waluganduvaru, Male', Maldives  is identified as "The One with Potential, Thinkers and Writers" in 1989 under A Special Development Project of the United Nations and  the British Commonwealth, A CONFIDENTIAL REPORT TO PRESIDENT MAUMOON ABDUL GAYOOM.

Val Williams of The Thomson Foundation, Cardiff, UK  was The International Consultant who came to the Maldives and was placed in the Department of Information and Broadcasting, Government of Maldives where I was working at the time. I joined Government in May 1986. having done My London G.C.E. O'Levels in January 1986 and dropped out of Science Education Center A'Levels. I Am A Born Thinker, and My Interest and Dream was to become A Writer

With the 1989 identification of Velezinee began the #SilentWar Against Velezinee, the Prophet THE UNITED NATION AND COMMONWEATH  want ELIMINATED.
Son of Local Trader in British Public School, Mohamed Nasheed was recruited in Britain and came home to begin the Game - SANGU of Nasheed 1990 the First Trap. With it Mohamed Nasheed became THE PET OF THE WORLD, the Artificially Created LEADER the WEST PROGRAMMES AND MANAGES IN THE BIG GAME #StealingParadise

THE ROYAL ELITE, INNER CIRCLE BROUGHT IN ON THE SECRET GAME have all been having A Laugh at Velezinee whilst using, abusing, exploiting, playing and insulting Velezinee 2005 to 2016. 


What is more telling of Super Power Conspiracy Against Islam and HIDDEN Prophecy than the Ghosting of True Mahdi #HeavenlyQueen Aisha Velezinee Muhammad of The Original Source, Prophet Muhammad's Castle in The Islamic State of Heavenly Bliss, Paradise Maldives?


Local Leaders and Traders are Partners in Evil, in Conspiracy with The Satanic Forces of The West and The East out to Defeat the Prophet Muhammad and STEAL PARADISE FROM GLOBAL POPULATION - The Profiteers from War and Human Suffering are TERROR STRUCK by The Prophecy, The Promise of 1000 Years Global Peace. The Revival of the TRUE AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT as opposed to the FAKE ENLIGHTENMENT CLAIMED BY EUROPE HAVING STOLEN MUHAMMAD'S BOOKS AND THE KNOWLEDGE OF MY FAMILY.

It is World Leaders promoting Nasheed, creating Fiction of  A Democracy Leader and Thinker of The Local Bully who Grew Up A Thief and had NO HESITATION TO TRY MURDER VELEZINEE AND ARTICLE 285 TOGETHER IN STEALING COURTS AND FIXING STATE FOR THE EVIL PURPOSE OF #StealingParadise The Global Shift, #NewEarth PROMISED BY DIVINE BOOKS.

Satan Maumoon Abdul Gayoom planted in Paradise Maldives 1978 to 2008, and Helper of Satanic Forces, Mohamed Nasheed recruited in London 1989 to PLAY THE THINKER AND WRITER in The Game of Thrones - WAR AGAINST PROPHET TO BE VELEZINEE, THE SIGNS GIVEN IN HIDDEN PROPHECY. The so-called Satanic Verses Satanic Forces are TERRIFIED to UNVEIL. 

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