Friday, 30 June 2017


Summary of My Extraordinary and Extreme Situation. Case for Asylum

My Need is for Safety and Security of Life for Free Space to Work, Save Paradise; to Go Home to My Paradise, The Maldives.  

The Purpose of My Stay is to Work and Seek to establish My Identity and Authority as The Prophet in The True Prophecy FALSLY LABELLED The Satanic Verses, MISUSED and MANIPULATED IN WAR, Demonizing Islam and Islamic State. The Facts, and My Reasons and Basis for Seeking Right and Means for Legal Residence in The Netherlands, in the Safe City of The Hague At This Time are;

1.       On 21.03.2017 I made the Public Announcement; Revelation, I Am The TRUE Mahdi, The New Prophet, The Hidden Queen Aisha Velezinee Muhammad of Waluganduvaru.
2.       My Family Home, Waluganduvaru is The Prophet Muhammad’s Castle of The Original Household, The Castle in The Wild. My Home is The Source of The Islamic State of Heavenly Bliss, Paradise Maldives established centuries ago. A Royal Secret held by World Leaders; unknown to Public. History disappeared and forgotten in Maldives itself; with modernization happening 20th century; Waluganduvaru eliminated in Silent Royal War.
3.       On 29.03.2017 the Satanic Forces taken over My Home State creating A Courtless Lawless Terror State REACTED issuing A Fatwa denouncing The Prophet of Peace as The Satan; A Licence to Kill, Death Order!
4.       The World and International Media has remained Silent; the True Mahdi ghosted off Media.
5.       Local Media in Maldives reporting State and Sheikhs creating Terror and Hate in War Against Satan Velezinee.
6.       I Am in The Hague from 13.03.2015; have not returned to The Maldives since leaving 2015; and have not travelled outside The Netherlands since visit to London for 17.11.2017 book launch. The Book changed the course of My Life while in The Hague.
7.       On 30.03.2017 I called upon State of Maldives to PROVE by UNVEILING THE HIDDEN; Opening The Satanic Verses to establish Truth; Identify The True Prophet and The True Rising of The Islamic State and establish WHO is Satan, WHO is The Prophet.
8.       The International Silent War continues no acknowledgement of Velezinee and Substantive Case or Fatwa upon Velezinee being A Political Verdict, A Death Penalty without Inquiry or Authority.
9.       To the Silent War Against Velezinee is added An escalated  War of Terror by the State os Maldives Against the People, isolating from “Satan Velezinee” added.
10.   Only Way to establish Identity and Authority; is to Seek the Truth in The Divine Verses itself; The Prophet being A Divine Appointment foretold. I, as the True Prophet in The Hidden Prophecy am waiting for The Unveiling of Truth, No Fear.
11.   My case is, it is The Satanic Forces in Fear HIDING The True Verses labelling Satanic Verses; having failed to Silence Velezinee in attempt issuing A Fatwa as Terror Tactic to Create Fear in The Public and Rouse Against Velezinee; Tactic of Silent War  to Pressure Velezinee to Silence issued an Arrest Warrant for Velezinee (Another Local Secret) published in Local News Papers; and have since gone Silent, into Silent War Tactics BLOCKING FACEBOOK ACCESS TO THE PUBLIC IN MALDIVES.
12.   On 01.06.2017 in First Interview scheduled since the Rise to The Prophet; I identified My Self as The Hidden Queen; The New Prophet in The Hidden Prophecy to The IND; the Legal Authority to determine My Right to Residence in The Netherlands; The Hague.
13.   At this time, I will be murdered were I to return to The Maldives with Fatwa issues; and given Hostility to The Prophet of Peace (The Unexpected Miracle) I am NOT Safe outside The Safe Space of The Hague; World Capital for Peace and Justice, Home of World Courts where I have lived safe from 2015 despite The Silent War I Am Target of from 2010.
14.   My Request to IND is for Asylum/Visa for My Jihad to Save My Paradise; A Dated Request for Right to Stay till 21.03.2018.
15.   I am expelled, trapped in The Netherlands by Satanic Forces having deliberately cut my Funds and Blocked Access to Funding.
16.   My Wish is to Return Home; establishing My Identity and Authority by The Book. Seeking resolution, The Answer to the Question on WHO IS PROPHET/SATAN through Due Process in The Hague.
17.   The Answer is of GLOBAL IMPACT, an End to Global Terror of Satanic Islam AND the Miracle, Paradise for All on Earth.
18.   One Year 21.03.2017 to 21.03.2018 is the Time I have to complete My Divine Duty – To Work My way to The UNVEILING OF THE HIDDEN - #Miracle of Truth and with it THE GLOBAL SHIFT. A Revival of Earth and Human Life with 1000 Years Global Peace, The Promise in The Prophecy.

At this Time

I am Expelled by Satanic Forces ruling My Home State, The Maldives who have taken over illegally, and I am trapped in The Netherlands all funds and access blocked, in their attempt to Block Me and permanently Fix the Terrorist State created in Transition and in control of Local Mafia – Powered by Super Powers, it has become clear now.
The World Powers and World Media is TERRIFIED of The Unexpected 21st Century Miracle and NOT Ready for The Prophet of Peace, Global Reform and 1000 Years Peace with SHIFT TO PARADISE FOR ALL. As Promised in The Prophecy; by the Miracle of Truth – UNVEILING THE HIDDEN, The satanic Verses.

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