Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Who is Afraid to Unlock The Satanic Verses, seek Truth? For Heavens' Sake, it is The 21st Century,


The Global Crisis in the 21st century, the Return of The Age of Darkness to Whole Earth is no accident.  It is now confirmed  by the Absolute Silence of The World upon the Revelation of The True Prophet identified in The Prophecy.

It is A Truth that cannot be denied or refuted by any means, I, Aishath Velezinee/Velizenee of The Maldives is The Ruler of Paradise decided by Natural Selection by The Heavens, descendant of The Kingdom of Heaven set up by Prophet Muhammad The Greatest Thinker, our Family Paradise Island illegally confiscated (present day Male' capital of Maldives) and Our Ancestral Home, the Family Castle destroyed. 

And I have called the Bluff of The Satanic Forces by My Response to their Last Attempt to Silence Me issuing A Fatwa of The State of Maldives announcing "Velezinee is The Satan. It is A Sign if Qiyamat. End of The World." 

So it is. 


I wait for The Revelation of All Truth, with The Unlocking of All that is Hidden. Judgement Day has come, the end of Actors playing Apocalypse Terror Theater and Islamic State of Ignorance and War!

My Our ancestral family home is deliberately targeted by Foreign Powers in partnership with Local Traders, and destroyed in multiple targetted attacks in the 20th century.  It is The Castle in The Wild  is known worldwide for two centuries via The Grimms Household Tales, the Original Location left hidden. 

My current family home in centre of Male', 1740 sq.ft. registered as common property of us 7 siblings of Muhammad Zahir of Ismail Didi of The Castle in The Wild is what is left of Our Family Original Home, Our Castle and Our Kingdom built Muhammad having gone from Mecca to Medina and the...... On to Paradise, the Secret of The Universal Enterprises fighting Against Unlocking Paradise for All. 

Velezinee, the True Queen of Justice who stood up to do what no human being in The Maldives would dare do, faced and defeated the Local Political Leaders/Dealers exposing Court Stealing in Transition,  labelled by Propaganda Media as the Mad Woman of Maldives and One Woman Army  called Valu Jinni or The Wild Genie, The Wild Woman,  as an Insult for Audacity in standing up to Political Powers refusing to give in, is The Prophet in The Prophecy - all The Signs in Prophecy played out in Global Terrorist Theater for legitimizing War found in My Birth Chart, Family and Life.

I Am THE PROOF in Person, my presence in The Hague at this time, and my Life, with the added Formal Recognition of me In The Reverse as Satan, as to be expected of Satanic Forces, has exposed The Lies of the Super Powers spread by Global Media of A Satanic Prophecy and A Satanic Islamic State.  And they still carry on The Theater, unwilling to be honourable, accept defeat by The Prophecy they played Theatre with and I lived, in my adventurous life 21.03.1968 to date. 

It  is A Lie of The West, created by the Super Powers and spread by the Global International Media worldwide - the Propaganda to legitimize Super Powers doing whatever they will globally, in the name of "maintaining International Order", using the United Nations as The Control Room to facilitate and cover The Hidden Truth.

The Hidden Truth covered by the creation of the United Nations by The Winners of WWII  is World War did not end with the creation of the UN but escalated, Truth reversed, the Real Dirty War taken underground, Hidden, A Silent War managed centrally by the The Allied Powers of WWII, regrouped since 1945 - The Truth has been A Super Global Power Fight, The Silent and Highly Organized Operation Save The World to hold on to World, Block the Opening of Gates to Kingdom of Heaven, heavenly freedom for all people. No Worldly Worries. 

The True Prophet promised would not be yelling aloud and running around the world dressed up in garb of the Age of Darkness in the Ignorance of Mecca; but would have the Power of The Prophet promised; the Universal Thought .  The People are in The Dark, not even aware what is Divine Thought, WHO a Prophet is, What is The Spirit, or How God is Found and Accessed 

I have The Answers, Muhammad left for The People, My Journey to Enlightenment a repeat as written in The Srories of My Life foretold by Muhammad in worldwide literature I can identify as Original Thought of Muhammad - My Story at End of Time, World.  My Life Stories. 

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