Saturday, 20 May 2017

European Society is Artificial, Regulation and Domestication of Population. No Civilization

There is Civilization, and there is Domestication. Animals can be domesticated but cannot be civilized.
Civilization is by INNER GROWTH out of The Monkey and up up up to The Cat. Enlightenment. BLISS
The witch hunts of long ago were attacks on Enlightenment by Natural Intelligence, inner self growth.
The attack on Hippie Movement 1960s and ban on Marijuana is also part of War against Human Freedom. Marijuana opens Heart and if you know how to use, not abuse, there is expanded Opening the Space to Access and Process - The Heart, Thought. Mind the Sex-Trap though. A Monkey cannot Rise to Thought. First grow grow grow.... Be Human.
World Powers have watched whole Earth, determined to BLOCK SHIFT TO HEAVENLY LIFE and continue the Worldly Way - Govern through Terror and Mind Control Games. #ArtificialIntelligence the World's Clever Ploy to defeat The Universal Force, God, Allah.
Muhammad did not give Destiny, he had the Knowledge to figure out how God works - Natural Law and Divine Order.
West tried putting Man above God.
The War to Save World is
Universal Enterprises vs Universal Forces
 To carry on the Slavery, Inequality and Fear-ridden, Inhumane and Destroyed World of today - Whole Earth in Pockets of A Few. People back to Slavery. No way to exist without Serving and Slaving for another to eat! No Freedom to go on Own Life Path.
It's A War against Conscience to keep humans at The Pig - Too Greedy to do Right by any other, willing to do anything for own greed.

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