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Blog 1 Hadith. Signs of Qiyamat. Maldives Paradise on Earth, Hidden Queen Aisha Rising

Reading Prophecies on Paradise. The Signs of Qiyamat 

I took original text posted here from online public knowledge:
(Accessed on 16.05.2017)

In Green highlights are my explanations and data. 

Abdullah ibn Amr reiterates Huzafa:

"Allah's Messenger (PBUH) said: The Dajjal will appear in my Ummah and he will stay for forty -- I cannot say whether he meant forty days, forty months or forty years.
Dajjal is The Television. The Fitna Foshi and Mind Controller.
Television came to The Maldives on 29.03.1968

Allah will then send Isa ibn Maryam, who will resemble Urwah ibn Mas'ud. He will chase Dajjal and kill him. Then people will live for seven years, during which time there will be no rancour between any two persons. After that Allah will send a cold wind from the direction of Syria. None will survive on Earth, having a speck of good in him or faith in him: he will die. Even if some among you were to enter the innermost part of the mountain, this wind would reach that place also and cause your death. I heard Allah's Apostle (PBUH) as saying: Only the wicked people will survive and they will be as careless as birds with the characteristics of beasts. They will never appreciate good nor condemn evil. Then Satan will come to them, in human form, and would say: Don't you respond? They will say: What do you order us to do? He will command them to worship the idols but, in spite of this, they will have an abundance of sustenance and lead comfortable lives.

Highlighted in red here is The Local Maldives today, the Hell created under Two State Policy for Islamic States. The Local People would identify situation. Internationally there is no issue in Maldives. It's Paradise for Sale, taken from the local people and The Whole Global Population in State Fixing.

Then the trumpet will be blown and he who hears it will bend his neck to one side and raise it from the other side. The first one to hear that trumpet will be the person who is busy in setting right the cistern meant for supplying water to the camels. He will faint and the other people will also faint. Then Allah will send or He will cause to be sent rain which will be like dew and there will grow out of it the bodies of people.
Then the second trumpet will be blown and they will stand up and begin to look around. Then it will be said: O people, go to your Lord. They will be made to stand there and they will be questioned. Then it will be said: Bring out a group for the Hell-Fire. It will be asked: How much? It will be said: Nine hundred and ninety-nine out of one thousand for the Hell-Fire. That will be the day that will make the children old because of its terror and that will be the day about which it has been said: "On the day when the shank will be uncovered". (Hadith 7023)

Hudhayfah ibn Usayd Ghifari says likewise:

"Allah's Apostle (PBUH) came to us all of a sudden as we were in a discussion. He said: What do you discuss about? The Companions said: We are discussing about the Last Hour. Thereupon he said:
It’s Muhammad speaking to a group in a conversation on a subject they were speaking.
It will not come until you see ten signs before, and he made a mention of
the smoke, Smokescreen, The Cover? Propaganda The Hidden War
Dajjal, Television. Propaganda and Mind Control
the rising of the sun from the West, ……….In The Hague
the descent of Jesus ibn Maryam (Allah be pleased with him), Juj and Majuj, and
landslides in three places, one in the east, one in the west, and one in Arabia at the end of which fire would burn forth from Yemen, and would drive people to the place of their assembly [judgment]." (Hadith 6931)

My Cases East, West and Zero
Stealing the Knowledge and Books of Muhammad, Hiding and Reversing All Truth, and Reversing Human Evolution backward to The Dark Ages in attempt to Prevent the Prophecy of the End of World and global shift to the Kingdom of Heaven

Targetted War and Disappearance of My Family, The Castle in The Wild in War Against Ruler of Paradise, the Prophet identified in The Hidden Prophecy.

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