Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Satan Orders Maldives Police to Bring him Prophet, Is Yameen Afraid he is not #Yaqeen Mahdi?

Satan Orders Maldives Police to Bring hin The Prophet. Is Yameen Afraid he is not #Yaqeen Mahdi

The Police are Good People of Maldives, Salute the Police People. Do Not Bully the Police. Help the Police to get A Team over to The Hague from Paradise,

Supreme Thief of Supreme Courtt Abdulla Saeed has set precedence in Singapore Trial, GMR Airport Deal.
First I know; . Mihaaru Local Maldives News Online report titled:
Police orders Velezinee to report in 2 Weeks.

Not true. I have heard nothing from the Maldives Police Services, received No Orders. And I checked with The Hague Police, of course. No news from Maldives. No Arrest Orders received.

I responded to The Police, the State of Maldives taken by Satanic Forces #StealingParadise

"What can be done Velezinee going to a Nation without Courts?
Maldives Police Services come to The Hague.
Saudi Arabia come to the Court for Judgement Day"

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The Police do Their Duty. 
I do My Duty.
Together We Save Paradise from Satan Forever More.
And We All Go to Heaven, and Live Happily Ever After with The Most Heavenly Queen Aisha Forever. 
1000 Years Unbroken Global Peace 

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