Tuesday, 16 May 2017

The World has lost Reason, all Minds trapped in Fear by Super Power Phantom Theater of Islamic State to justify Invasions!


Whole World Terrified of Islamic State Source of Fear World Media/Propaganda 

The Whole World is so thoroughly convinced Islam creates Terrorists and there is A Global Menace, A Terror  called The Islam State in A War Against Democracy/West that I have found it A Huge Risk for me to utter the word Islam, and Islamic State. 

The Reactions of Fear are Reflex Actions, not Reasonable or thought out Responses. In fact, most immediately shut down themselves, they are so sure they know The Islamic State - never mind that I Am Born and Bred in it, and I Am the one who Live My Religion and know the Real Life Knowledge and Experience! To Europe today, like whole World, Islam is introduced and known from World Media and that is what is made The News by those who report Islamic State

For me it is always A Surprise people Knowing what they cannot know; and it has taken me a while to understand that they are Truly Convinced by Global Propaganda. They are taught to Hear and Follow, no time to give Thought, and are struck with Fear of the Unknown no tolerance or time to get to know. 

When it comes to the Subject of Islam or any Religion people lose all Reason, "The Divine" misunderstood, separated as External to Human. .I have understood Ignorance of Religion and The Prophets exist not only amongst the so-called "Ignorant Muslims" My Own People labelled unfairly and rendered powerless - Media Propaganda having become Fact by nothing more than constant repetition and bombardment of notion into human minds. 

The True Leader of Islamic State in The True Prophecy HIDDEN by World Powers is Ghosted to keep up the Grand Lie of the Real Axis of Evil - The So-Called Super Powers who have conspired with Satanic Saudi Arabia to eliminate Threat of Prophecy - Block the End of The World and Shift to Heavenly Bliss in the True Age of Enlightenment, Islamic State of Submission and Enlightenment, the Way of Conscientious Life in Good Spirit. 

In Original Democracy and Original Islam, there is no external control; emphasis on Good Character, Good Conduct and Good Spirit in Life. 

My Way of Life the True Jihad, the Success proven in my lifetime work for human rights protection and justice in My Paradise - The Maldives, and my position Realized on 21.03.2017 without ever seeing The Hidden Prophecy. 

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