Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Some Thoughts for Experts in International Development

The 21st Century World is Full of Experts in International Development, and there are tens of 1000s trained and seeking Consultancies and many more training for a Lifetime Career in International Development. 

What the Universities offering International Development as career choice have not understood is that the Rule of Law do not offer legal space for any Career in International Development. 

Why not?

Every nation has own People, and it is The Absolute and Inalienable Right od Every Nation and People on Earth to decide Own Development and to Develop themselves according to Their Way of Organizing Life. No human needs another to give Opinion on how to make themselves which is the Basic Idea of development. It is A Natural Right to develop One's Own Self, no external interference manipulation; just as it A Right of Nations to develop without external influence and manipulation. 

Without the Basic RULES OF CONDUCT respected, and without emphasis on PREVENTION OF WRONGS, there cannot be any HUMAN RIGHTS OR HUMAN SECURITY OR HUMAN SAFETY and that is The Global Crisis of the 21st century. 

The Reality of the 21st Century is the Direct Consequence of War Against Muhammad, and Against All of Humanity - 1000+ Years of Grand Conspiracy and targetted Attacks, the motive to hold on to existing World and Continue the Terror and Control by Force. 

Hiding of Truth and Reversal of Natural Law and Order, and the deliberate Marching Back of All Humans to the Age of Darkness by deliberate Abuse and Misuse of THE STOLEN BOOKS OF MUHAMMAD THE PROPHET has led to what Muhammad predicted and wrote; and Shakespeare shared with the World. 

Good News is, Well - Velezinee - has Risen to Self Realization in The Hague, the City of World Peace and Justice, and Shakespeare already told how it will end. 

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