Wednesday, 24 May 2017

23.05.2017 Satanic Forces taken over Paradise illegally React.looking for Ghost of Transition. Velezinee Wanted by Maldives Police

23.05.2017 Satanic Forces taken over Paradise illegally React.#PanicAttack

Velezinee Wanted by Maldives Police

Within hours of Queen Aisha, Angel of Paradise, Messenger, passing the 22.05.2017 Decree by Allah ABOLISHING Global Terror of Islamic State

The Satanic Powers had Maldives Police Services issue a Public Notice on 23.05.2017 lVelezinee is Wanted by Maldives Satanic State. 

Media reported, and Public brought me the news on My Social Media, ooking for Velezinee and asking to report within 14 days in connection with an untold Inquiry. 

I have had no reports of Police having sent any Notice to my home, or any attempt to contact me. 

I live on Virtual Maldives, 24/7. on Social Media continuously 7 Years now on My Courts #Article285 stolen in Transition. I got no tweet either before media reports today Police had ordered me to report. 

It is only local news. And, it is UNTRUE really. Maldives Police Services never contacted, or made an attempt I am told of to find me. Maybe it is detailed in text, if it is good. Do not matter, as case need Trial. I read the title, cannot be bothered reading the lot of Satan's nonsense. 

Public Notice in Dhivehi 

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Original Source, Original Idea, Queen Aisha Velezinee Muhammad is in Submission to Allah and The Rule of Law, having reported in all ways I could to the People of Maldives to HELP THE POLICE, give them information, Velezinee is in The Hague. 

In Submission. True Islamic State of Bliss True Jihad of Muhammad. Heavenly Ways 

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Local Hell, Local Media News, Local Language Reports

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Shakespeare Gave Us Hope, Faith

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is in the Heavenly Way of Life. Impossible in A World trapped in Terror and Fear, Every Body terrified of A Phantom Monster called The Islamic State. A Global Terrorist in the 21st Century World. 

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