Saturday, 20 May 2017

The ❤️ Heart ❤️ is Your Life. The Soul, The Spirit. Conscience

The ❤️ Heart ❤️ is Your Life. The Soul, The Spirit. Conscience
Without Heart there is No Human but an Animal no advanced than The Pig. Western Science confirms this is level of Human Beings 21st century - The Science discovered Pig Heart is matching for Human.
With Heart strengthening with Inner Growth, Blood changes, and Immune System changes. My Body is proof, 20 Years of low platelets, getting lower and lower... In 1998 Australia I did Bone Marrow, they feared Leukemia of some sort.
A $40,000 remedy was a possibility,
I wasn't going to put my father in debt for life and make him suffer shame of debt so I did not tell my family. Let it be, live the day.... I did blood tests regularly for check (compulsory Heath care) while in Australia. It stayed same on Pathological Report but no effect of it on me.
Doctor at the time said it may have happened in Child Birth. It does sometimes.
That is correct. Now I can explain. Love strengthen The Heart. Giving Birth you Fill with Love for Your Child.
Mine was an extreme experience. Abdulla Shahid on attack. Boss wasn't giving Leave for the father to come be with me, see his child. I gave Birth in India going with my mother and father.
On the day I gave Birth Abdulla Shahid was in New York with Ahmed, a banner and balloons hung to celebrate birth of daughter. I got a photo,
That's the Way of Abdulla Shahid assigned by Gayoom from 1990 to watch and destroy Velezinee.
I now know why.
Impossible to do any Human Right without Heart, Conscience in person.

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