Thursday, 18 May 2017

All Right; No Human. I Am Learning European in The Hague

In The Hague, the World Capital for Peace and Justice, I have sat suffering without Any Right to Any Assistance, my case complex, me A Nobody until official Recognition by A Power who grants me my Natural Rights to be given my due Rights. 

My suffering is nothing but the Ignorance around me, There is no natural intelligence in people, all working by the Book, playing Monkey. There is no capacity to see, or hear Character, understand the Other for Who they are. And there is no capacity to recognize crimes of Power committed under cover of Titles and Artificial Rankings. 

Professor Dr. Karin Arts could subject me to extreme torture deliberate acts to falsely label and shame me, having blocked funds, trapped and starved me, me inside the Institute of Social Studies for A Full Year, none wise to it. She had her LLB LLM PhD and Professor as Power. Me, poor Velezinee, noy A Lawyer... . 

17 November 2015 to 14 November 2016 was the Worst Year of My Life to date, and it is continuing thogh outside of ISS Torture Chamber now. My Life is never without incident, not for long. Sooner or Later, I am moved, transferred, expelled, my Intelligence a Threat to All Monkeys and Pigs in Suits who parade around reading scripts.and try their Trickery upon me only to panic when I do not fall fool to Terror and Coaxing. 

The Role Play

I noticed in the speech of The Rector Inge Hutter first day she took over when she said "Coming to ISS feels like A Warm Bath" reading it out as a phrase, nothing in Heart. I innocently asked what it means, and I was told in detail the Dutch Saying. Of course they had no idea why I had the question, them unable to see anything beyond what is presented - the Show, Performance, All external. 

All Right. No Human. 

It is now 11 Months of extreme drama around me, Velezinee, The Ghost of Maldives Transition who Refuses to Go Away and Haunts, trapped in The Hague without Funds and Access to Funds or Right to Funds, and NO HUMAN AROUND ME. A Human Being will understand my crisis, offer me some food. In The Hague every body has Rights, so Every One tells me My Right and moves on. As My Right at this time is No Right to Funds they kindly tell me they know I can get A Soup, A Hot Meal once a week in A Church. 

Thank you Church, but I would fast rather than stand in line for food, a basic right that ought NOT to be tied to Money! Lovely to offer a meal a week. Great Charity Work making humans feel how needy they are, stand in line for a meal.  I think it is disgusting, Europe having no Human, only Right.

 All my initiatives for security were blocked one by one by Professor Dr. Karin Arts at International Institute of Social Studies, a UN recognized International Human Rights Expert who pretended my PhD Promoter while serving United Nations and United States plus other Foreign Powers who it is clear now had recruited Professor Dr. Karin Arts to Tame and Break me. When she failed she went extreme and I was surprised by the viciousness of her extreme torture and attacks to force me to give up My Paradise. Failing to convince me, she went and FORGED PAPERS IN MY NAME TO STEAL MY CASE, BLOCK MY WORK IN A TIME MY PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING HELL NONE AWARE OF TRUTH OF THEIR SUFFERING.

I wait in suffering, for what will be, knowing I Am the Winner, by The Book and by My Life and Work. No Stealing My Win, or My Destiny. I wait, in Submission to the RULE of Law; no Power Games or Trick or Treat for me. 

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