Sunday, 16 April 2017

No Conflict, The Messiah or The Devil. Open The Hidden Book and Decide. it is My Book, My Book of Life

No Conflict. It's come to Judgement Day.

Open The Hidden Book and Decide.

The Messiah or The Devil, it is My Book, My Book of Life

The Hidden
Reversed by Man

The Hidden Velezinee

Article 285 Advocate,
One Woman Army fought for Courts and defeated the State,  refusing to relent, give-up or join in hiding The Truth – Article 285 destruction and ILLEGAL TAKEOVER OF COURTS AND STATE – Annexation of State bringing The Commonwealth to aid, abet and cover – Fool The Public.
State-Fixing in Transition.
Faced and withstood extreme State-led Terrorization including murder attempts, the most Cruel, Inhumane and Degrading Treatment while in Independent Public Office of the State of Maldives in Transition 2009 to 2011.
Mad Woman of Maldives dared to do what no one “not mad” would dare do, stand up to Local Mafia, The State.
Continued Silent War to divert from Article 285, Illegality of Courts. State-Fixing #HappeningNow 9th Year of Constitution.
(Psychological Warfare – Playing Catch, Catch-22, Trickery).
State (all sides) hiding Truth, layering with Politics and Distortions.
Truth Reversed and Spread Internationally.


I, Aishath Velezinee, am
The Mehdi, The Unifier of All, The Messiah
Aisha Velezinee Muhammad.
The Prophecy has come True!
A Miracle

The Mehdi, promised in The Quran; The One.
The Messiah, The Unifier common to All Books.


“Velezinee is
Satan, The Devil.
. It’s A Sign, the World is Ending!”
– State of Maldives, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, issue Issue a Fatwa.

A Fatwa labelling Velezinee as The Satan (The Devil) is A Public Call to Kill Velezinee; A Death Penalty without any Charge, Hearing or Inquiry.
A Licence by The State, A Public Call to All “Beleivers” to Kill Velezinee at Will in “Jihad” - Murder of Velezinee, shown by The State as a Way to attain Heaven/Paradise.

DEAFENING, THE SILENCE of the World – International Media, International Community AND The President Mohamed Nasheed who appointed Aishath Velezinee to the Independent Constitution Body, Maldives Judicial Service Commission – the media labelled “President’s Member”.
The Hidden Book of The Quran.
Divine Knowledge.
The Book of Enlightenment.
The Journey of Justice, Book of Life of Muhammad. The Inner Dilemma and Sacrifice seeking Truth and Justice – True Jihad in Islam.
Parallel to My Own Journey; Realizing Self, Truth, Purpose of (Own, Individual) Life.
Satanic Verses

The Divine Prophecy;

1.       Global Crisis, Earth Lost, World Destroyed, End of The World;
2.       Rise of A Mehdi/ Messiah (The Hidden Queen)  Speaking for Justice; the Sign of the End of World.  
3.       The Fall of Kingdoms
4.       The Global Revival of Truth – “The Islamic State”;
Coming of the Age of Enlightenment – 1000 Years of Unbroken Peace over Whole Earth – Paradise for All.
Satanic Verses

1.       End of The World;
2.       Rise of “Islamic State” –  (An Army taking over The World)
3.       An Army Commander the Islamic State Leader (Militant Terrorist Groups)
4.       The Fall of Kingdoms (ISIL/ISIS/IS attacking “Democracy” – Threat to USA, Britain, France, Denmark etc.)
5.       Coming of the Era of Globalization, Democratization and The Rule of Law.

The Hidden Book

Satanic Verses, The Novel by Salman Rushdie
is inspired by the Book of Enlightenment, the Journey, Jihad, Death/Rebirth
End of Old/ Beginning of New

Fatwa on Salman Rushdie following publication of novel, Kings and Leaders rising against the book, creating Fear and Fury amongst People of Islam.

The Book of Enlightenment
Quran. Muhammad’s Life Journey.  
Higher Purpose of Life,
the Inner Dilemma and Self-Struggles in
Self Sacrifice

Making the Right Choice and Remaining TRUE TO ONE SELF;

The Struggle to remain in
Good Conscience.
Explosion 1: -  

The Heart-Breaks

The Opening Up;
The Awakening
of Higher Conscience/ Higher Intelligence.
Inner Self Growth, the Growth Pain in Growing Wings.
Death and Rebirth, the Life and Inner self-sacrifice. Choices in personal life,  giving up Self (Interests)  for Higher Purpose of Life, Jihad. The Awakening, and Joy, Enlightenment, the Rise to #SeventhHeaven #EternalBliss Access to Divine Knowledge.
Time and Space Travel.
Ascendance to The Prophet.

Satan taking over the World with an Army Rising – Islamic State is coming!
Terrorists of Islam are taking over World –  Here they come! >Islamic State attacked TWIN TOWERS, New York 11.09.2001 (9/11), it’s GROUND ZERO – Islamic State Rising

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