Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Back on Blogger. From The Hague, 11.04.2017

Recap Blog History and Maldives Today

My last post on Blogger, 30.09.2013 is a translation of the verdict of the illegal Supreme Court of Maldives on the presidential elections of Maldives happening at the time.

The political situation in the Maldives continued as existed in 2013, the core crisis, illegality of Courts ignored, the Political Leaders all ganging up against Velezinee for being "Stubborn, Arrogant and Full of Ego" refusing to let go of Article 285, the Courts of Ma,dives illegally taken in transition by force; the British Commonwealth joining actively in aiding and abeting the #SilentCoup of 2 to 10.08.2010 and in the continued attempts to label me "obsessed" for my resistance. 

Since 2010, and after 2013, the situation in "Local Maldives" has continued worsening, life deteriorating,  though the continued terrorization and suffering of the Local People in the Tourists' Paradise  remain unknown to the World. 

As far as the World is told. and therefore knows, the Maldives is embroiled in a political fight, no illegality, no Rule of Law crisis, and all is fine except that it is an Infant Democracy! 

The Hidden Truth - #Islamophobia led State-Fixing #SilentWar

The Truth untold in Media is the State of Maldives is being fixed, a Courtless, Lawless Democracy set up in Transition, the innocent People of Maldives left ignorant that they are in a Clever Trap, turned a Stateless People just like the People of Palestine in the 2-States of Israel/Palestine and the many more fixed States in the World.

What is confirmed to me now by end of March 2017 is, it is the Super Powers in State-Fixing Courtless Democracy, digging a Mass Grave for the Local People.. The plot is historical, whole of last century endless Way 1917 to 2017, one pretext or other, religious rife the excuse for power and control by force. 

The Game Plan clearly has been to contain "The Terrorists of Islam" under chosen Leaders for "Effective Control" in an effort to Defeat the Phantom, the Unknown, the Mehdi or Messiah to Rise at the turn of the century, end of 20th century and beginning of 21st century.

The Fear of Kings and Queens of  the prediction in the Prophecy;
There Would Rise A Messiah (A Hidden Queen of Justice) and; Kingdoms Will Fall; and Islamic State Will be Revived Globally.

#Article285 Soars to The Heavens!  

Who is Velezinee, Mehdi or Satan?

Developing case, confirming the multiple aspects,  realizing the Truth between Awakenings March 2016 to 21 March 2017, my 49th birthday, and having talked almost daily on Facebook video as I grew and developed myself together with my case, on 29.03.2017 I used the term The Mehdi to introduce myself; Aishath Velezinee as The Mehdi, Aisha Velezinee Muhammad, the Messiah, The Saviour, The Unifier. 

My Weapon of Mass Destruction #WMD is the Most Powerful 21st Century Weapon, the Law - My Precious #Article285 I have carried in me and lived with over 7 years now none able to understand Illegality is Issue not to be forgotten in founding a Democratic State!

My announcement of myself The Mehdi Aisha Velezinee Muhammad. was countered immediately by the State of Maldives ]with a #Fatwa - a #DeathPeanalty without Hearing, Inquiry or Trial the declaration by the "Ministry of Islamic Affairs; "Velezinee is Satan? World is Ending! causing Fear and Terror amongst the masses and extreme torture to my mother who is in Male, Maldives in the  midst of all the madness and crime of the local terrorists controlling State of Maldives. 

I myself am far away in The Hague, in the city where I need to be, at Heavens' Gate for JudgementDay the Trial to End the World as it exists! 

What Next?

What next is of course Judgement Day, the Answer to the Questions being in The Hidden Book, ON the facts;
Is the Hidden Book the ]Book of Enlightenment, the Journey of Muhammad to Prophethood, the Awakening, the TRUE Jihad of Islam, Wauy of Life of Muhammad as I say it is; or the Satanic Verses as the Thieves of the Books, the Distorters of Quran and Islam claim it to be. 

My Claim is The Hidden Book is a parallel to My Own Journey of Justice with Constitution Article 285, the inner struggles, and the Awakenings, the Heart-Breaks and Openings, leading to Realization of natural Higher Intelligence, God Consciousness. 

These are establishable and a political uproar and emotional fury by those who profess to be learned in Islam calling me Satan and refuting the Truth is added proof to my case; the Truth is completely reversed. 

In this Limbo now, I will do my best to write and present simple blog posts for The People to read, study, give thought. 

What Will Be Will Be. Judgement Day for me to finally get a Trial. 

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